Dragon docks at International Space Station 19 hours after NASA-SpaceX launch

first_imgiStock/Andrei StanescuBy: EMILY SHAPIRO, ELLA TORRES, CATHERINE THORBECKE and BILL HUTCHINSON, ABC News (CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.) — Astronauts on board the Dragon successfully docked at the International Space Station Sunday morning, 19 hours after the successful NASA-SpaceX launch.At 10:16 a.m. Eastern time, the Dragon spacecraft carrying veteran NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley rendezvoused with the space station 262 statute miles above the border of China and Mongolia.“Docking soft capture. We have docking,” NASA mission control in Houston announced.The accomplishment came at 18 hours and 58 minutes after the rocket, commercially built by technology entrepreneur Elan Musk and his SpaceX team in Hawthorne, California, propelled the astronauts into a new chapter of space exploration, marking the first time a privately funded space program teamed with NASA on such an endeavor.Shortly after linking up with the space station, 12 latches of the Dragon were deployed creating an airtight seal that would allow Behnken and Hurley to enter a vestibule and go into the space station.“It’s been a real honor to be just a small part of this nine-year endeavor since the last time a United States space ship docked with the International Space Station,” Hurley said after the historic accomplishment.About 2 hours after docking, the astronauts opened the final of three hatches and entered the space station dressed in dark shirts, light-colored pants and white socks. Behnken was the first to through the hatch, entering the space station at 1:22 p.m. Eastern time quickly followed by Hurley.On the other side of the hatch they were greeted with hugs by NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy and his two crewmates, Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner. Hurley and Behnken entered the space station while orbiting 262 miles over Turkmenistan.Flight director Zeb Scoville, who was at mission control in Houston, congratulated the crew.”Bravo on a magnificent moment in spaceflight history, and on the start of a new journey that has changed the face of space travel in this new era of space transportation,” Scoville said.Jim Bridenstine, NASA administrator who was at mission control in Houston, was among the first to greet them.“Welcome to the space station,” Bridenstine told them. “I tell you, the whole world saw this mission and we are so proud of everything you have done for our country and in fact to inspire the world.”Hurley responded, saying, “I appreciate that sir. It’s obviously been our honor to be just a small part of this.”“It’s great to get the United States back in the crew launch business and we’re just really glad to be on board this magnificent complex,” Hurley said.Bridenstine asked if they were able to get any sleep Saturday night and into Sunday morning.“We did get probably a good seven hours or so of the opportunity for sleep and I did succeed at sleep and Doug did as well,” Behnken said. “The first night is always a little bit of challenge but the Dragon was a slick vehicle and we had good airflow and so we had an excellent, excellent evening.”Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was also on hand in Houston to congratulate the astronauts and asked them how the Dragon handled in space.“It flew just like it was supposed to,” Hurley said. “We had a couple of opportunities to take it out for a spin, so to speak, once after we got into orbit last night and again today about 20 minutes before we docked and my compliments to the folks back in Hawthorne [California] and SpaceX for how well it flew. It’s exactly like the simulator and we couldn’t be happier about the performance of the vehicle.”Cruz reminded the astronauts about the problems in the United States on the ground, referring to the violent protests stemming from the police-involved killing of African American George Floyd and the continuing battle against the coronavirus.“I have to say this launch and y’all’s docking is a powerful inspiration of what we can do when we come together,” Cruz said.Hurley responded by recalling that nine years ago he was among the crew that docked space shuttle Atlantis to the space station, ending a 30-year shuttle program and that ever since then SpaceX, NASA and the commercial crew program have been working to restore American launch capability.“This is just one effort that we can show for the ages in this dark time that we’ve had over the past several months to kind of inspire especially the young people in the United States to reach for these lofty goals and work hard and look what you can accomplish,” Hurley said.Following the SpaceX launch on Saturday, Bridenstine said he was “so proud” of the achievement.“For the first time in nine years, we have now launched American astronauts on American rockets from American soil. I’m so proud of the @NASA and @SpaceX team for making this moment possible,” Bridenstine tweeted.Speeding into orbit at more than 17,500 mph, the Dragon spacecraft, now named Endeavour, was able to track down the International Space Station in about the same amount of time it takes for a commercial flight to travel from New York to Sydney, Australia. But the docking procedure was done slowly and cautiously.President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were on hand at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, to watch the launch on Saturday afternoon. The blast-off was initially scheduled to take place on Wednesday but was postponed due to weather conditions.“It is absolutely our honor to be part of this huge effort to get the United States back in the launch business. We’ll talk to you from orbit,” Hurley said minutes before launch.Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

What we know about Breonna Taylor’s death and the ongoing fight for justice

first_imgBreonna Taylor FamilyBY: JOHN KAPETANEAS, LAURA COBURN, STEPHANIE FASANO, CHO PARK, SAMANTHA SERGI AND ANTHONY RIVAS, ABC NEWSThis report is part of “Turning Point,” a groundbreaking month-long series by ABC News examining the racial reckoning sweeping the United States and exploring whether it can lead to lasting reconciliation.(NEW YORK) — It was just before 1 a.m. on a Friday night in March when 26-year-old EMT Breonna Taylor drifted to sleep with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker. They had been watching a movie as Louisville, Kentucky, police swept through several homes in the city tied to suspected drug operations.Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, was a suspect in the officers’ search. He was arrested 10 miles away from her home earlier that night. Police suspected that Glover had been sending mail to Taylor’s apartment. Believing there may be drugs or money there, police arrived at her home with a warrant. Police say they announced themselves repeatedly, but Walker said Taylor repeatedly asked who was there and did not receive an answer.Fifteen minutes after arriving at Taylor’s door, police would fire 22 bullets into the home, with eight striking and killing Taylor.The details in Taylor’s death were unknown and overshadowed by other high-profile killings of Black men and then the COVID-19 pandemic. When George Floyd was killed in police custody in Minneapolis in late May and bystander video of the incident was shared on social media, the issue was brought front and center. People remembered Taylor’s case, and calls for justice began to ring out amid the countrywide protests.The police did not find any drugs or money related to drugs in Taylor’s home.The night Breonna Taylor diedOn the night Taylor died, Walker said in a statement that, contrary to police claims that they announced themselves repeatedly, neither he nor Taylor had heard police when they banged on the door before entering. He said Taylor called out at least twice, asking, “Who is it?”Believing someone had broken into her apartment, Walker grabbed his legally owned gun.“I never even fired my gun outside of the range. I’m scared to death,” he said in a statement that night. “When we get out of bed or whatever, like walking toward the door, the door comes off the hinges, so I just let off one shot.”Officials allege Walker’s shot hit Sgt. John Mattingly in the leg.“As soon as the shot hit, I feel the heat in my leg,” Mattingly said in new audio from a police interview conducted the night of the shooting. “So I return fire with, I think, four shots.”Two other officers executing the warrant, Detective Myles Cosgrove and Detective Brett Hankinson, also fired their guns into the apartment. “And it was simultaneous,” said Mattingly, “Just boom, boom, boom … and I think I got two more off around the corner of the door.”“Next thing I know,” Walker said later on that night, “she’s on the ground and the door’s busted open, and I’m yelling, ‘Help,’ because she’s right here bleeding and nobody’s coming, and I’m just confused and scared.”Taylor’s family learned about the incident in pieces. Her sister, Ju’niyah Palmer, said she’d heard about a shooting on their street and thought it involved two people who had gotten into an argument where one shot the other. Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, said she was asleep when Walker called her.“I said, ‘Hello,’ and all I could hear is Kenny crying,” Tamika Palmer said. “And he said, ‘Somebody kicked in the door and shot Breonna.’ … And he was screaming her name.”Tamika Palmer said she dropped her phone and that when she picked it back, Walker’s phone had disconnected. She rushed to Taylor’s apartment.“We’re [were] just standing out here and waiting and still begging to see Breonna,” Tamika Palmer said. “And so, it’s about 11 [o’clock] in the morning and the officer comes back over. He says, ‘Well, it won’t be much longer, and you guys will be able to go in.’ And so I screamed at him, ‘Why won’t you just tell me where Breonna is? Like, why won’t you?’ And he said, ‘Well ma’am, she’s still in the apartment.’”Taylor’s mom said that at that moment, even though the officer didn’t say her daughter had died, she “knew what it meant.”A crime scene analysisAfter analyzing over 1,200 photos of the scene obtained by ABC News, Robert Boyce, former chief of detectives for the New York Police Department, said that during the thousands of search warrants carried out by law enforcement across the United States, “gunfire is very unusual.”“It’s these horrible incidents that happen; that do happen, unfortunately,” he said. “So it’s important to understand and keep things serious. Had they been wearing body camera[s], you’ll be able to hear the audio: ‘Police, police police.’ And that’s important. We don’t have that here.”The photos showed how one officer, Hankinson, fired 10 shots from outside Taylor’s home through her door. In a termination letter posted to the Louisville Metro Police Department’s Twitter in June, Chief Robert Schroeder said Hankinson violated deadly force procedures when he “blindly” fired the rounds.“Somebody has to explain why he did that,” said Boyce, an ABC News contributor who is not connected to the case. “Did he see the muzzle flash? Did someone point a gun at him? He has to explain that because … he’s covering the escape route. He’s not part of the entry team.”Cosgrove and Mattingly were placed on administrative leave and no charges have been filed against any of the officers. Daniel Cameron, Kentucky’s attorney general, released a statement this week saying the investigation was still ongoing.Walker was arrested on the same night Taylor was killed and later charged with attempted murder and first-degree assault. His charges were eventually dropped.“My life changed forever,” he said during a press conference earlier this month. “I was raised by a good family. I am a legal gun owner, and I would never knowingly shoot a police officer. I can no longer remain silent.”Meanwhile, Lonita Baker, the attorney representing Taylor’s family in a civil suit against the Louisville Metro Police Department, said they’re still trying to determine why the police went forward with the search warrant after Taylor’s ex-boyfriend was arrested.“That’s one of those questions we’re still trying to figure out,” Baker said. “We know Jamarcus was apprehended, so why did they execute the warrant? And it’s our belief, just based off of some of the things that happened, that the warrant was called off for Breonna’s [home], but they chose to still execute it.”“They sprayed the entire apartment with gunfire, the neighboring apartments with gunfire,” she went on to say. “The firing of a single shot would not justify that. … Even if drugs were found in her apartment, and they were not, even if money were found in her apartment — it was not — it would not justify Breonna’s death in any way.”Remembering Breonna TaylorTaylor’s family said she was the type of person who wanted to help others, and that she had a “big heart,” her sister said. “Sometimes too big.”“She just wanted to make sure nobody else had to suffer,” said Ju’niyah Palmer of her sister’s work as an EMT and first responder. “If they didn’t have anybody at home, that they would be able to have her. She would get close with her patients to the point where if it was a patient she knew would need her at the end of the day, she would extend her number to make sure her patient understands like, ‘I care.’”Her mother said Taylor was full of life and a “much better version of me.”“She’s always been strong and just powerful, even as a kid. She always had her head on straight,” Tamika Palmer said.Fighting for justice for Breonna Taylor, and so many moreTaylor died just three weeks after Ahmaud Arbery was shot dead while jogging on a Georgia street and 10 weeks before video circulated showing Floyd dying as he gasped for air while a Minneapolis officer knelt on his neck, the latter of which sparked worldwide Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality.During the ensuing protests, demonstrators not only chanted, “Say his name,” for the countless Black men unjustifiably killed, but they chanted, “Say her name,” for Breonna Taylor as well.“I’ve never seen a movement for a Black woman who was killed by police that touched people in Africa and in Europe and across the world,” said Tamika Mallory, co-founder of Until Freedom, an organization dedicated to social justice and ending police brutality.Journalist LZ Granderson said it was the video of Floyd’s death that sparked such intense outrage. “Breonna Taylor doesn’t have a video; doesn’t even have body cam,” he said. But when word began circulating that “something like this occurred in Louisville, that’s the reason why, in terms of the public’s knowledge, that her name came after Mr. Floyd’s.”“We know that just by what we’ve seen over the years, and specifically even with Breonna Taylor’s case, it took George Floyd being murdered in a brutal way to make people say, ‘Wait a minute, there’s a lot of things happening in here. There are people being killed all over the country,’” said Mallory.She said her organization, co-founded by Linda Sarsour, Mysonne Linen, and Angelo Pinto, had originally planned on being in Louisville for a month, but they decided to stay until there’s an announcement on whether the officers involved in Breonna’s death will be charged.The “Say Her Name” campaign, launched by the African American Policy Forum in 2014, has become a unifying mantra for advocates who wish to highlight the stories of women of color who’ve been victimized by police.“‘Say Her Name’ is designed to do just that: make it where we don’t need to have a man killed or a focus on men in order for us to also acknowledge the women that we have lost and the challenges that women feel,” she said. “And so, when people say ‘Say Her Name,’ it is to say, ‘Give us priority. Give our lives attention. Give our death and our circumstances the same attention you would give to anyone else.’”As pressure mounts, the Louisville Metro Police Department recently announced the appointment of a new interim police chief, Yvette Gentry, the first Black woman to lead the department. However, Taylor’s supporters said it’s not enough.“Justice is the officers being held accountable for their actions in her death,” Baker said. “But justice is also true, systemic reform. … We need police reform immediately. And so, I think that if all we get out of this is that these officers are charged and arrested and convicted, we’ve not done enough with everything that’s going on.”Amid calls for justice for Taylor have been demands for a grand jury to convene. It remains to be seen whether that will happen. Until then, her family waits.Tamika Palmer said she misses her daughter “more than life.” She said it’s “amazing to have all these people standing up for her, saying her name.”“I always knew should would be great,” Tamika Palmer said. “I hate that she had to die to be great.”ABC News’ Karin Weinberg, Candace Smith, Steph Wash, Sabina Ghebremedhin, Keturah Gray, Muriel Pearson, Emily Wynn and Jahmia Phillips contributed to this report.Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

A new method for the measurement of Antarctic krill Euphausia superba dana from predator food samples

first_imgRegression functions of total length on carapace length and total length on removed carapace length were calculated for Antarctic krill Euphausia superba Dana for those classes of sex and maturity stage which can be discriminated in predator food samples. The use of removed carapace length as a predictor of total length is highly recommended for animals where total length measurement would be inaccurate, providing that the animal may be staged.last_img

A new bathymetry for the southeastern Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf: implications for modern oceanographic processes and glacial history

first_imgThe Filchner‐Ronne Ice Shelf, the ocean cavity beneath it and the Weddell Sea that bounds it, form an important part of the global climate system by modulating ice discharge from the Antarctic Ice Sheet and producing cold dense water masses that feed the global thermohaline circulation. A prerequisite for modeling the ice sheet and oceanographic processes within the cavity is an accurate knowledge of the sub‐ice‐sheet bedrock elevation, but beneath the ice shelf where airborne radar cannot penetrate, bathymetric data are sparse. This paper presents new seismic point measurements of cavity geometry from a particularly poorly sampled region south of Berkner Island that connects the Filchner and Ronne ice shelves. An updated bathymetric grid formed by combining the new data with existing datasets reveals several new features. In particular, a sill running between Berkner Island and the mainland could alter ocean circulation within the cavity and change our understanding of paleo‐ice‐stream flow in the region. Also revealed are deep troughs near the grounding lines of Foundation and Support Force ice streams, which provide access for seawater with melting potential. Running an ocean tidal model with the new bathymetry reveals large differences in tidal current velocities, both within the new gridded region and further afield, potentially affecting sub‐ice‐shelf melt rates.last_img read more

Cherwell takes up…boxing with James Glancy

first_imgTraining with the boxing team was a leisurely affair. I watched them run and sprint, then attempt twenty press-ups, twenty sit-ups and then twenty of some kind of hybrid of the squat thrust and the star jump. Then they did it all over again. University boxing is serious business. The group of fifty or so was split into the novices and the experts. The experts honed their skills with a combination of punchbag work and extreme skipping, while the novices divided into two further groups to look over the basics of the sport. First rule of boxing? “Defend yourself at all times,” coach Jim Frew explained. After that, it got pretty intense. The session is only a couple of hours, but they really do know how to cram in the information: “left hand forward”, “twist on the balls of the feet”, “head low”, “twist, bang, it’s two movements but it’s one”. The captain himself certainly has the credentials for the part. St Anne’s historian James Glancy possesses the only Royal Marines Cadetship in the country and holds the rank of Second Lieutenant. He speaks with genuine enthusiasm about the sport he has come to love: “Boxing is one of the toughest types of fitness there is. You need self-discipline, skill and individual motivation. But if you are fairly athletic and looking for a challenge, you should come along and give it a try.” A comprehensive list of training times is available on the club website at www.ouabc.co.uk.ARCHIVE: 1st Week MT2003last_img read more

Hovis’ performance boosts Premier’s sales

first_imgPremier Foods’ interim management statement has revealed sales of Hovis are up 11% for the four months to October. According to the company, consumer response to the relaunch of its Hovis brand has been positive, and market share in October has improved, “despite intense promotional activity by some of our competitors”.In the statement for the 17 weeks ended 25 October 2008, the company said its group trading profit was “in line with expectations”, with group sales up 9% for the four months to October and up 8% for the year to date. However, the company is undergoing an ongoing review of its capital structure, which includes continuing discussions with lending banks, in order to “accelerate the reduction of Group debt”. The discussions are expected to continue into the first quarter of 2009 and the decision has also been made not to pay the 2008 interim dividend.Chairman David Kappler said that Premier would “consider the future dividend policy as part of the long term capital structure review”, but added: “It is the Board’s intention to resume dividend payments when debt levels permit.”“Premier and the lending banks have agreed that, with the review ongoing, it would be appropriate to defer the date of the next covenant test from 31 December 2008 to 31 March 2009,” said Kappler.It has recently been reported that United Biscuits (UBUK) made a secret £250m bid for the Premier Foods brand, Mr Kipling, which is thought to have been rejected.Premier said its sales expectations for full year remain unchanged.last_img read more

The Revivalists Work Two New Songs Into St. Patrick’s Day Celebration [Gallery]

first_imgThe Revivalists spent their St. Patrick’s Day in Bloomington, Illinois at The Castle Theater on Friday night, providing non-stop party time on their Still Feeling Good From Yesterday Tour. Without a doubt, frontman David Shaw, guitarist Zack Feinberg, pedal steel guitarist Ed Williams, bassist George Gekas, drummer Andrew Campanelli, saxophonist Rob Ingraham, and keys master/trumpeter Michael Girardot are carriers of good times, and last night’s performance was no exception.Playing mostly songs from their 2015 Men Amongst Mountains record, the New Orleans-based septet also went back in time with fan favorites “Sunny Days” and “Soul Fight,” along with a double-encoring “All in the Family” and “Criminal” to close. The Revivalists also performed two unreleased songs “The Door” and “You & I.”Photographer Keith Griner of Phierce Photography was in the house to capture the band in their best light. Check out the full gallery below!Setlist: The Revivalists | The Castle Theater | Bloomington, Illinois | 3/17/17BTBD, Keep Going, Stand Up, Monster, Fade Away, The Door, Amber, Gold To Glass, Need You, Sunny Days, Soulfight, You & I, Wish I Knew YouE: All in the Family, Criminal Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Mike Gordon Announces 2019 Winter Tour

first_imgOutside of his duties with Phish, the only other show on the books for Mike Gordon as of now is an appearance at Warren Haynes‘ Christmas Jam on Friday, December 7th in Asheville, NC. The first of two days of this year’s Christmas Jam will also feature Dark Side of The Mule, Grace Potter, Jamey Johnson, and Marco Benevento.Mike Gordon 2019 Winter TourMarch 08 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GAMarch 09 The Orange Peel, Asheville, NCMarch 10 The Basement East, Nashville, TNMarch 12 Charleston Music Hall, Charleston, SCMarch 13 Harvester Performance Center, Rocky Mount, VAMarch 15 9:30 Club, Washington, DCMarch 16 Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park, NJMarch 17 White Eagle Hall, Jersey City, NJMarch 19 Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NYMarch 21-24 The Sinclair, Cambridge, MAView All Tour Dates Mike Gordon has announced an upcoming 2019 winter tour, set to begin on Friday, March 8th at Atlanta, GA’s Variety Playhouse and run throughout the majority of the month. Gordon will be joined by his regular touring outfit consisting of guitarist Scott Murawski, keyboardist/organist Robert Walter, drummer John Kimock, and percussionist Craig Myers.Mike Gordon and his band will begin the East Coast tour on Friday, March 8th at Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse before makings stops at Asheville, NC’s The Orange Peel on March 9th and Nashville, TN’s The Basement East on March 10th. The tour will continue March 12th with a performance at Charleston, SC’s Charleston Music Hall before the band heads north with stops at Rocky Mount, VA’s Harvester Performance Center (March 13th); Washington, D.C.’s 9:30 Club (March 15th); Asbury Park, NJ’s Asbury Lanes (March 16th); Jersey City, NJ’s White Eagle Hall (March 17th); and Buffalo, NY’s Town Ballroom (March 19th). Mike Gordon and his band will wrap up the tour with a special four-night run at Cambridge, MA’s The Sinclair from Thursday, March 21st through Sunday, March 24th.A fan presale for Mike Gordon’s upcoming 2019 winter tour is currently underway here, and will run through Thursday, November 15th at 5 p.m. (EST). Tickets go on sale to the general public this Friday, November 16th at 10 a.m. (EST) here.last_img read more

French court awards total $8.9 million to former coal miners

first_imgLYON, France (AP) — A French court has ordered the state to pay 7.3 million euros ($8.9 million) to 727 former coal miners for the anxiety caused by a career of exposure to toxic substances. The case could set a precedent for other former miners or those working in dangerous environments without protection. “Anxiety” damages allow compensation for people who are not sick but who could become sick because of past exposure. The labor court in the northern city of Douai found the state responsible Friday and ordered payments of 10,000 euros each to the 727 former miners. France nationalized its coal mines after World War II and closed the last one in 2004.last_img

Broadway Grosses: Aladdin Is ‘One Jump Ahead’

first_img Here’s a look at who was on top—and who was not—for the week ending April 6: UNDERDOGS (By Gross) 5. Act One ($316,124) * 4. Violet ($278,904) * 3. Mothers and Sons ($221,430)  2. Casa Valentina ($155,775) ** 1. The Velocity of Autumn ($135,307) ** FRONTRUNNERS (By Gross) 1. Wicked ($1,806,067) 2. The Lion King ($1,683,062) 3. The Book of Mormon ($1,598,000) 4. Kinky Boots ($1,351,725) 5. Aladdin ($1,170,038) FRONTRUNNERS (By Capacity) 1. The Book of Mormon (102.60%) 2. Cabaret (101.23%) ** 3. A Raisin in the Sun (100.00%) **** 4. Aladdin (99.96%) 5. Hedwig and the Angry Inch (99.27%) *** Make way for Prince Ali, Broadway! The new Disney musical Aladdin has flown into the top five grossing shows, joining perennial box office faves Wicked, The Lion King, The Book of Mormon and Kinky Boots. Meanwhile, Broadway audiences have made it clear that they love seeing celebs up close and personal. Making appearances in the top five shows by capacity last week were the Neil Patrick Harris led Hedwig and the Angry Inch, A Raisin in the Sun starring Denzel Washington and Cabaret with Michelle Williams and Alan Cumming. UNDERDOGS (By Capacity) 5. Jersey Boys (65.74%) 4. Act One (63.57%) 3. The Velocity of Autumn (62.17%) 2. The Bridges of Madison County (57.74%) 1. Mothers and Sons (50.09%)  *Number based on 8 preview performances **Number based on 7 preview performances ***Number based on 6 preview performances ****Number based on 3 preview performances and 5 regular performances View Commentslast_img read more