Umphrey’s McGee Will Webcast Their Three-Night Run In Philadelphia

first_imgProgressive jam masters Umphrey’s McGee are gearing up for a sure-to-be-special three-night run at the Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA, and they want you to be able to experience the rock show from the comforts of your own home. The band have just announced that all three nights will be available for on-demand streaming courtesy of TourGigs. Each show will be available for purchase in HD and with soundboard audio.Each night costs $12.99, or you can purchase a bundle of all three nights for $34.99. All purchasers will be able to re-watch the shows for a full seven days, giving any Umphrey’s fan across the country the opportunity to take place in these shows, at their own leisure. Click here for more info on how to purchase the webcasts.last_img

Wine stories of Srijem – a different and interactive presentation with the aim of branding Srijem as a top wine destination

first_imgThird workshop from the cycle The Wine Story of Srijem was held in September at the Le Premier Hotel in Zagreb, where it was presented eight top Traminers Srijem vineyards. Tourists on the continent, much more than the average, spend their time in museums, galleries, various exhibitions and visiting national parks / protected areas, so it is logical that the daily consumption of tourists in Continental Croatia is higher than in the Adriatic. It is also the meaning of tourism, to get to know a new way and culture of living. I recently spoke with one manager, who has and within his hotel wine room with an offer of Croatian wines. On that occasion, he told me that imported wines are sold poorly or not at all on the wine list, because foreign tourists want to try something new, local, authentic, that is, our domestic wines, which is why he made a wine room. Logically, right? Another proof of the importance of tourism for the promotion and branding of Croatia as a wine region.  Buhačev Merlot from 2016, the only red wine at this workshop, connected with the beautiful nature, Srijem and Slavonian rivers and forests. Drinky and soft, it was a pleasant surprise for Dalmatians accustomed to powerful and bitter blues.  “Our story is distinctive, it leaves no one indifferent, it makes a strong impression, every wine is promising and will not disappoint you in terms of quality or price. The long tradition of winemaking, modern technologies, the knowledge of our winemakers, the breadth of tastes and experiences confirm the fact that we have a lot to offer. Wines from the slopes of Fruška gora, the Croatian part of Srijem, are one of the biggest surprises of our destination, which has yet to be discovered, and in Zagreb we presented a small part of that magic.”, Says Rujana Busic Srpak. He is positively surprised and famous for Srijem wines chef Marin Rendić who points out that the value for money of wine is an extremely important component, and the price-quality ratio of Srijem wines can get great results on the market and attract many guests to the far east of Croatia. “For example, the excellent Buhačev Rose with a surprisingly good price of 35 kuna, on the other hand, offers high value and arouses strong impressions.”, Says Rendić. Wine stories of Srijem is a project of the Tourist Board of our easternmost, Vukovar-Srijem County, and aims to just branding Srijem as a top wine micro region. He describes the top semi-dry Chardonnay from 2017 from the Trs Winery and the exceptional Chardonnay from 2016. Ilok cellars as quiet rulers and connects them with Ilok nobles, who left this town a rich cultural heritage – castle, medieval walls, old cellars from the 15th and 18th centuries. … It is interesting that Srijem wines were presented at all three workshops, but without Graševina, and according to Bušić Srpak, everyone knows that Graševina is one of the main varieties in Slavonia, but they also wanted to present other top wines and varieties offered by Srijem, which are so far it has been in the background. So we have another great tourist product, but unfortunately we do not have a well-rounded story because Croatia is not yet recognized as a wine destination with top authentic varieties and wines. On the other hand, tourism is one of the strongest engines of domestic wine sales. Photo: Borna Subota, Exe production In addition to Traminer and Graševina, the two most important white varieties in the Srijem vineyards are Chardonnay, Paradise Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Silvanac Green od A from the black varieties Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon and Frankovka. “Welcoming the sunset in Slavonia and Srijem with a glass of top quality wine, especially on the banks of the Danube or at the most famous Ilok wine-growing locations Principovac and Vukovo, is a special experience. Our rivers, castles, museums, richness of traditional heritage, famous hospitality and gastronomy, along with the inevitable wines, are the best invitation to visit Srijem and Slavonia.”, Concluded Rujana Bušić Srpak. Namely, it is a different and interactive presentation, which through two narratives, professional and destination, represents Srijem as a top eno-gastro destination.  The first three workshops “Wine Stories of Srijem” were held in Split and Zagreb On the other hand, the main activities of Continental Croatia are going to restaurants, sightseeing, visits to national parks, historical buildings, museums and galleries, hiking and other sports, recreational, entertainment and cultural activities. Photo: Borna Saturday Let’s go back to Wine stories of Srijem. “Since the first Traminer vine was planted in 1701 on Principovac, the country estate of the Odescalchi family and the most famous Srijem wine-growing area, this variety has aroused the interest of the wine world. Srijem Traminers drank at the royal courts, won world awards and are a trademark of the Ilok Wine Road with about twenty charming wineries, including the Old Cellars from the 15th and 18th centuries. This is the best invitation to visit Srijem and Slavonia especially for wine lovers”, Points out Rujana Bušić Srpak, director of the Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board. It’s a big step forward because marketing labeling wine through four new wine-growing regions encourages synergy of all winemakers and facilitates branding and communication to the market. Less is more, because this is how everyone in one wine region communicates with one main narrative – the narrative of the branded region.  The goal of the workshops is to get to know each other HoReCa channel with the offer of wines from Srijem, which should result in putting top Srijem wines in their wine lists. Also the workshops told the story of the wine from Srijem to the sommelier and professional media and presented the whole region as a cultural eno-wine destination according to travel agencies in order to encourage the arrival of tourists in Vukovar-Srijem County. When we talk about Srijem, I have to point out how it is about Danube and the slopes of the Srijem vineyards, which, descending towards the Danube, create the most beautiful landscape images which, in combination with the rich eno-gastronomic offer, invite you to rest and relax. This vineyard is located in the easternmost part of Vukovar-Srijem County and Croatia, on the southern and southwestern slopes of Fruška gora with its center in Ilok, so it is often called the Ilok vineyards. At the recently held 17th Edition of the Decanter World Wine Awards 2020, as many as 226 Croatian wines received one of the Decanter labels. Of these, our wines have three platinum medals, 11 gold, 68 silver and 88 bronze medals and 56 Decanter recommendations. With delicate elements of vanilla and a subtle note of pepper, it suddenly stood out among the wines, and the unusual, very interesting and special Principovac Chardonnay from 2016 in Ilok cellars, style, smell and taste was a great introduction to Traminer predicates – a variety that best results. Dragunov’s Traminac of the 2015 berry harvest is reminiscent of roses, rahatluk and apricots, while Traminac of the 2011 dried berries harvest is a distinctive and powerful wine from the Ilok cellars. Photo: Lollipop Agency Excellent “triple helix” through the sale and positioning of wine in restaurants, promotion of wines and destinations and encouraging tourist arrivals – all in one workshop. Certainly a great combination, because one cannot do without the other, ie that is exactly what tourism does, it creates the motive of arrival as well as the complete tourist story of a destination. “The concept of the workshop, in addition to a special professional target audience, is that through the offer of wine from Srijem, led by the famous Croatian sommelier Jelena Šimić Valentić, we continue with a story that practically guides participants through the offer of our destination. So we tell a story about each winery and winemaker and fit it into the context of the destination. We present the product, the story around the product and the winery, give a broader context about the destination and communicate with the visitors themselves to get feedback. That is why we decided for these workshops in small professional and target groups “, points out Rujana Bušić Srpak, director of the Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board. I can’t agree more! So, the logical conclusion would be that we need stronger branding and positioning of all wine regions, and I will again focus on Slavonian winemakers, both in Croatia and on the global wine list. Thanks to the large number of hours of sunshine on the hills from 200 to 250 meters high and drained soils on a flag base, which do not retain moisture, the vines produce high quality grapes. This is the basic condition for the production of top wines that go from Ilok to Croatia, Europe and the world. Thanks to these climatic conditions, Traminer provides its maximum here and is the leader in quality in Croatia, but also abroad. Organized thematic cultural wine tours and communication according to the HoReCa channel The story is rounded off with the royal variety that gives the best results in this vineyard. It is, of course, about Traminer, and it is known that the one from the Ilok cellars was drunk on coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Its sweet variants are also loved by those who do not drink wine. At the Split workshop, Traminac of the selective berry harvest from 2015 of the Dragun Winery was tasted, and as a special surprise for the end, Traminac of the selective harvest of dried berries from the 2011 Ilok cellars. Wine is joy – it says at the entrance to Pupitres, the wine shop of the famous Croatian sommelier Jelena Šimić Valentić who wants to demystify the story of wine as something sublime and exclusive, reserved only for connoisseurs. It was held in Pupitres in May another workshop Wine stories of Srijem. The aim of these workshops, in addition to branding Srijem and Vukovar-Srijem County as wine destinations, is, as I said at the beginning, to introduce the HoReCa channel to the wine offer of Srijem in order to put it in their wine lists, but also communication with travel agencies to become organized. thematic cultural wine tours. The first workshop “Wine stories of Srijem” was held in Split last May in the famous hotel Vestibul Palace where it was presented five famous wineries from the area of ​​Vukovar-Srijem County, and Bušić Srpak linked an interesting tourist story to each wine. Along with Silvanac, for example, a story was told about the leisure and ease of traveling around Srijem and Slavonia with a visit to the cellars on the Ilok wine road. Also, in a conversation with the hotel management, but also the guests on the topic of branding Croatia as a wine region, we once again came to the conclusion that the guests are not familiar enough with our wine story. On the contrary, according to them, foreign guests are pleasantly surprised by the quality and our authentic wines. The conclusion reached by the guests is how we have to better promoted as a wine destination. Interesting information from this wine room. The conclusion of the main and responsible person was “that Dalmatian wines are 30 percent overestimated, and Slavonian wines 30 percent underestimated”. We are clearly talking about the prices of Croatian wines on our market. A step forward towards branding Croatia as a wine destination was made at the end of 2018, when a new Wine Act was adopted, which established four wine-growing regions: Slavonia and the Croatian Danube region; Croatian Istria i Kvarner; Dalmacija te Central hilly Croatia. Bušić Srpak: Wine is the most beautiful invitation to visit Srijem and Slavonia Photo: Lollipop Agency Wineries as mini destinations within the destination must unite, emphasizes Bušić Srpak and adds that everyone together with winemakers must go beyond Ilok to present Ilok and the whole eno gastronomic story. “The wine story of Srijem is in Srijem, but it needs to be presented further in order to affirm itself. Winemakers cannot just produce good wine and stay within Ilok, and we in tourism expect the effects of that. Winemakers may sell all the wines, but we will not achieve the right effect in terms of tourism. We have to “use” them and present them outside the destination, so that they really become a motive for coming to the destination.” There is certainly not too much to say about the potential, because it is a top wine region, and the main question is how to accelerate the development of branding in order to start the tourism economy and get the whole story wind in the back. Tourists expect and want to taste authentic and local food, as well as wines.   Srijem’s wine stories are certainly refreshing and a great approach, and with the modest budgets available to continental destinations, it is always a question of the effectiveness of the promotion. So we have to think outside the box, be innovative and creative in order to attract attention. Two fresher Traminers were followed by more complex variants. In the semi-dry Traminer from 2018 of the Trs winery, the scents of honey, caramel and roses were felt. It has a pleasant freshness, stronger body, nicely balanced, balanced sugars and acids, points out Šimić Valentić and adds that the semi-dry Traminac Principovac from 2018 is intense. . From the same cellar, the 2017 vintage Traminac arrived. Its powerful, layered scent with sweet notes offers a completely different experience. It is warm, drinkable, with great aging potential… I certainly agree with that, because much more synergy is needed, as well as stronger involvement of the winemakers themselves, in the joint branding of the region. Because we must be aware that continental tourist boards, in addition to having much less financial and thus human resources, are fighting for a place under the sun with other wine regions that are already recognized and have maritime tourism as a perpetual flywheel. The tasting began with the atypical drinking Chardonnay from 2017 of the Trs Winery, an everyday wine that can be sipped as an aperitif or paired with light dishes such as salads and white meat. Light, pleasant and expressive Silvanac green from 2018 by Mirko Čobanković, with a bit of predicate notes, is a real surprise for this variety, while Buhačev Rose from 2018 – otherwise the best-selling wine in this cellar – stands out with its salmon color and its sweet taste reminiscent of wild strawberries. , raspberries and berries. Harmonious and elegant Cabernet franc from 2016 Trs Winery, transparent-ruby color offers a taste of black currant, raspberry and blackberry. Wine stories of Srijem – a different and interactive presentation with the aim of branding Srijem as a top wine destination Rujana Bušić Srpak, Director of the Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board / Photo: Lollipop Agency In the end, Bušić Srpak points out that what was presented at the workshops is over tourist tour tour of Ilok and peculiar wine guide for exploring Ilok through the wine road, but also the entire rich tourist offer of Vukovar-Srijem County. “I was especially impressed by the Principovac line and I think that every restaurant that sticks to its wine list should have at least one wine from that line. We can be proud of such wines and offer them to every foreign guest and I could hardly wait for the expression of delight on their faces when they taste them. These are complex, powerful, characterful, distinctive wines, beautifully balanced, masterfully made.”, She concluded Jelena Simic Valentic and added that she was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful and refreshing Vine Chardonnay and the elegant, fruity and floral Cabernet Franc, which has huge potential. And as life writes strange life stories, a workshop was held in September this year Wine stories of Srijem in Zagreb, which aims to brand Srijem as a top wine destination. This story attracted my attention and gave me a motive for this writing of this article.   The average daily consumption of tourists is higher in continental Croatia More than half, more precisely 53% of tourists goes on self-organized excursions (54% in the Adriatic and 39% in Continental Croatia), and 19% on excursions organized through Travel agencies. Also, a key piece of information is how the proportion of guests who go on trips to organized by a travel agency in Continental Croatia it is only 19,7%, which clearly speaks of the huge space for rast. After Traminac, the 2016 vintage of the Trs Winery, exceptional in taste with almonds on the aftermath, was delighted by Ivan Čobanković’s 2008 vintage of berries. It has a layered scent with honey and smoky notes, a thick and wonderful taste with an oxidative finish reminiscent of cherry. Ice vintage from 2016. Papak wines, offer subtle aromas of caramel, mandarin, orange peel…, but also layered flavors with lots of butter. Two interesting Traminers were chosen to start the story. From the easternmost Croatian winery Papak, arrived Radosh, a dry wine from 2017 with an intense aroma of nutmeg aromas, honey and old roses, creamy and sweet taste, and from Dragun Winery semi-dry Traminac from 2019, dominant honey notes, gently sweet and drinkable. In conclusion, the continent does not have the budgets that sea destinations have, but it certainly has something to boast about and something to show. Slavonia does not need help, but strategic development. And that’s why one constructive critique of agencies: Don’t whine, but open your eyes. Turn to new markets and niches, such as a focus on continental tourism. After all, this way you will avoid the seasonality of income, because as I have already mentioned, tourism in Slavonia happens all year round. Do not wait for the summer season, but offer the market an attractive offer. However, the topic of this story is focused on the fact that Slavonia, which is certainly one of the best Croatian wine regions, is not sufficiently recognized in Croatia for its top wines. Namely, the mentioned hotel also offers several top Slavonian wines, which proudly stand on the shelves of the wine room, and which clearly attracted my special attention and encouraged me to talk about Slavonia as a top wine region.  Photo: Borna Saturday On the one hand, a famous Croatian sommelier Jelena Simic Valentic tells the story of wines from Srijem, while on the other side Rujana Bušić Srpak, director of the Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board, with each wine connects the tourist story of the destination.  “It was through the selection of wine that we showed the diversity, strength and possibility of wine creation that Ilok offers. But we are still talking about the destination. Because when you talk about the wine that comes from the easternmost wine-growing position in Croatia, Radoš from Ilok, you have to say something about that winery. When we talk about wines from the most award-winning wine cellar in Croatia, which has 8 Traminers only in its production and the cellar built in the 15th century and the castle above it, then we must give you the narrative of the destination – all part of an excellent tourist wine story. That is the wealth and the reason we took wine as an invitation. Because that wine is not just a product, it is a destination wine in a glass “, pointed out Bušić Srpak. Namely, on several occasions, including in the mentioned conversation, the conclusion is that Slavonian wines on sale are 30% cheaper than other wines, and in fact they are just as high quality or at least at the same level as our other top wines from other regions. as the hotel manager said in this case, they were underestimated.  Slavonia certainly already has a minimum seven days of quality content to offer tourists. It is the activation of travel agencies and the focus on Slavonia that is crucial. Yes, it is easier to sell the sun and the sea, but especially in today’s context caused by the coronavirus pandemic, where continental and rural destinations are in the focus of consumers, it is time to reversal. Agencies wake up, because tourism on the continent lasts throughout the year, especially in the pre- and post-season when the main peak of the tourist season on the continent. According to the TOMAS Croatia 2019 survey “Attitudes and consumption of tourists in Croatia” average daily consumption of tourists in It is higher in continental Croatia than at sea, and it amounts to 115 euros per person. And when tourists are in Slavonia, the unavoidable place is certainly Srijem and its wine story. In the end, the cooperation of everyone is needed, both destinations, winemakers and agencies, in order to create a quality rounded story. Especially on the continent where it is a different type of tourism and motives for coming.last_img read more

Maloney magic wins it for Scotland

first_img In the 34th minute Mulgrew bulleted a header from a Maloney cross past the post from six yards as Scotland turned the screw and the home fans at last found their voice. Four minutes from the break Fletcher failed to get on the end of a Maloney cross after the former Celt delightfully pulled a Russell Martin pass out of the air, and another opportunity for Scotland was lost. O’Neill’s side came out for the second-half in a more purposeful mode and in the 50th minute, from a fine McGeady cross, Hanley did well to challenge Walters and concede a corner which came to nothing. Moments later, from another Irish corner, Walters’ flick was helped on by Long from close-range with the home fans palpably relieved to see Marshall make the save. Fletcher was replaced by Chris Martin but Marshall again came to Scotland’s rescue by pushing an angled-drive by McGeady past the far post for another James McClean corner, which he confidently plucked out the air. In the 65th minute, with the game tantalisingly balanced and not for those of a nervous disposition, Martin screwed a Steven Naismith pass inches past Forde’s left-hand post from eight yards out. Long and Darron Gibson were soon replaced by Robbie Brady and Stephen Quinn in a double substitution but to no avail. From a whipped-in free-kick from Mulgrew, Walters headed the ball against the top of his own crossbar but the luck of the Irish immediately went missing. Maloney took a short corner to skipper Scott Brown, took the clever return pass and curled the ball from 16 yards past Forde and into the far corner and Parkhead erupted. O’Neill threw on Keane for Hendrick and the Scots were forced into some desperate defending but saw out four additional minutes – in which the ball came off their bar in a last-ditch Irish attack – to the cheers of the home fans who may already have the scent of France in their nostrils. Scotland go level on seven points with Ireland and Germany, with Poland Group D leaders with 10, but there are surely twists and turns still to come before the two automatic qualifying spots and the play-off place is secured. There had been plenty of guess work about personnel in an intense build-up to the game and the Scotland team sheet showed that Strachan, back at his former club, made three changes with left-back Andy Robertson, stopper Grant Hanley and midfielder Charlie Mulgrew returning as Steven Whittaker moved to right-back. Irish manager Martin O’Neill, another ex-Celtic boss, lost midfielders Glenn Whelan and James McCarthy to injury but the shock news was that skipper and top scorer Robbie Keane had been dropped to the bench. Republic fans had been officially allocated around 3,200 tickets but there were a few thousand more Irish accents in the ground at kick-off time, helping create quite a din, albeit it took quite a while for the stadium to fill up to almost its 60,000 capacity. Amid a cracking atmosphere the question of whether Republic of Ireland’s Scots-born winger Aiden McGeady would get booed on his return to his old ground was answered in the affirmative by the Tartan Army, who never let up. However, there was more for them to focus on in a frantic opening as Scotland keeper David Marshall was tested by Jon Walters before Scots striker Steven Fletcher headed a Maloney corner over the bar. A tetchiness then enveloped the match. In the 12th minute Hanley was booked by Serbian referee Milorad Mazic for a desperate tackle on Shane Long and then McGeady and Jeff Hendrick were shown yellows for fouls on Fletcher and Whittaker respectively. Gordon Strachan’s side had the best of a tense, frenetic first-half at Celtic Park but passed up a couple of good chances to take the lead. The visitors came out rejuvenated after the break however Scotland regained control with Wigan forward Maloney, back on his old stomping ground, curling the ball past David Forde in the 75th minute with technique fit to win any game. Scotland confirmed their 2016 European Championship qualifying credentials with a hard-fought 1-0 win over Republic of Ireland thanks to a wonderful second-half strike by Shaun Maloney Press Associationlast_img read more

Akon Could Change the Way Students See in Class

first_imgAkon will be in Liberia today, according to a release from Bridge, and many are hoping that his visit will not only shine more light to the fact that the Liberian government is doing everything to help the educational system, but will also connect Liberia with what Akon has been cooking, known as “Akon Lighting Africa.”Indeed, parts of Liberia are completely dark and due to the criminal activities of many who have been illegally stealing LEC current, causing the loss of thousands of dollars in revenue, some who have electricity illegally have watched their ‘hookups’ being disconnected.I recently visited Hill Town, Bomi County, where a not-for-profit organization called More Than Me has one of its six schools given to them by Bridge. The school has about 122 plus girls and 179 plus boys (the number has risen since this article was written). One thing that struck me about the school was the fact that it had a lot of infrastructure problems – no chairs or desks, ceilings and smiling faces. More Than Me has spent more than US$5,000 to renovate it and so far there is a huge difference.More Than Me has 12 capacity leaders for their seven schools, two per school. The role of these individuals is to build the capacity of teachers, train on site, improve learning and to watch over their teachers.Recently during my tour at Hill Town elementary, I met Aiessate Cooper, the only girl child in the 6th grade. According to her father, who is also the principal of the school, his daughter was brought to the school when it was clear that More Than Me would be taking over the school.Meanwhile, the environment is not safe for the children without light. Some students arrive on campus as soon as ‘day break,’ when the sun is just setting, having walked for miles.Light is essential and also a security measure in preventing things that can only happen when it is dark from reaching pupils who arrive at school that early. Villages like Hill Town and the only school there that teaches students from ABC to the 6th grade are keeping their fingers crossed that Akon’s project will reach them.As of now, More Than Me supplies its school electricity using a generator that drains its resources. And due to bad road conditions and distance, sometimes the school is unable to get items necessary for its operations.Meanwhile, the new initiative “Light to learn” will be bringing Akon to Liberia as a guest of Bridge Partnership Schools, the Ministry of Education and other partners to initiate this new project aimed at popularizing and growing the right to use affordable energy resources to foster quality learning even in remote villages.“Join us on October 20-21 at J W Pearson, Monrovia; and Zuluyee, Nimba County. All 24 Bridge Partnership Schools have been preparing to compete in Regional and National competitions where the top 4 finalists will compete as the STAR of the show! Who will the 2 winners be,” Gboko Stewart posted on facebook.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

ATE hailed as great success

first_imgFor the first time ever, the Australian Tourism Exchange was held in Cairns and it has been hailed as a big success by Tourism Australia and Tourism Queensland.Over 1800 international and domestic delegates have given positive feedback for the event in a survey that was provided after the event.A number of success factors were highlighted by the survey, however the main point of feedback surrounded the city of Cairns and how it exceeded the expectations of delegates.As it was the first time the city hosted the event it was not expected to be a huge success, the survey however clearly pointed out how well Cairns did.Tourism Australia Managing Director, John O’Sullivan, said bringing the event to Cairns portrays Australia’s versatility.“This year was the first time the event had ever been held in a regional destination in its 35 year history, and Cairns really rolled out the red carpet, the people of Cairns were all aware and interested in the event and delegates,” Mr O’Sullivan said.Jann Stuckey, Queensland Minister for Tourism and Major Events said the event in Cairns as the best Australian Tourism Exchange in its 35 year history.“The result is testament to the tourism industry and Cairns community who are to be congratulated for their extraordinary efforts in staging this important world-class event,” Ms Stuckey said.Source = ETB News: Lewis Wiseman read more