What is the XFL? Team names, rosters, schedule, rules & more for the 2020 football league reboot

first_imgThis is the XFL (again).Everything from the teams and rosters to the schedule is set for Vince McMahon and Alpha Entertainment LLC’ 2020 reboot of the professional football league. (XFL) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/54/2e/xfl-team-logos-082119-ftr_k8qxioeteql718tyaxwzlrn68.png?t=-1256876396&w=500&quality=80 Here is all you need to know about the XFL, including the team names, a full schedule for the 2020 season and playoffs, and the rules difference between the XFL vs. the NFL, plus the teams and coaches involved.MORE: The best, worst XFL 2020 team names and logos, rankedContents:What is the XFL?What was the original XFL?XFL team names for 2020XFL coaches, players, rostersXFL 2020 scheduleXFL rules vs NFLWhat is the XFL?In 2018, Alpha Entertainment announced the formation of the XFL, which will have a 10-week season beginning in 2020. McMahon is heavily invested in the new league, and he is expecting to spend $500 million to back that up. According to ESPN.com, McMahon sold $100 million in WWE stock to help finance the new league, which is expected to begin play Feb. 8, 2020 — the week after Super Bowl 54.Disney-owned ABC, ESPN and ESPN2, along with Fox, FS1 and FS2, will televise XFL games.What was the original XFL?McMahon led the push for the first XFL, which was a WWE venture televised on NBC in 2001. Executive Dick Ebersol and McMahon were trying to compete with the NFL.The XFL did introduce innovations like the Skycam, and there were cult heroes created such as Rod “He Hate Me” Smart, but ratings dwindled after the first week, and the league had more gimmicks than substance.McMahon has promised to keep the focus on football this time around, but there will be differences from the NFL on the field.XFL team names for 2020Dallas RenegadesHouston RoughnecksLos Angeles WildcatsNew York GuardiansSt. Louis BattleHawksSeattle DragonsTampa Bay VipersD.C. Defenders — Continuous clock. The clock would run continuously until the two-minute mark, at which time the clock would stop after all scrimmage plays.— 25-second play clock. The NFL uses a 40-second clock.— 30-second instant replay clock. No more long breaks for replay reviews. XFL coaches, players, rosters for 2020The XFL’s inaugural draft was completed in October with a total of 568 players joining the eight original franchises. Here are the complete draft results and rosters for every XFL team. Sporting News also ranked each team based on the entertainment value of their roster.Dallas RenegadesCoach/GM: Bob StoopsStadium: Globe Life Park (Arlington, Texas)Stoops will return to coaching after retiring from Oklahoma in 2016 with a 190-48 record. Dallas hired Hal Mumme, one of the founders of the “Air Raid” offense, as its offensive coordinator.  Houston RoughnecksPresident: Brian Michael CooperCoach/GM: June JonesStadium: TDECU Stadium (Houston, Texas)Jones served as wide receivers coach for the Houston Gamblers in the USFL in 1984. He has professional coaching stints in the USFL, CFL and NFL on his resume, and he will bring that worldly experience to the franchise.Los Angeles WildcatsPresident: Heather Brooks KaratzCoach/GM: Winston MossStadium: Dignity Health Sports Park (Carson, Cailf.)Los Angeles is one of the two returning XFL markets, and Moss, a former Raiders linebacker, takes over as the head coach after almost two decades as an assistant in the NFL.New York GuardiansPresident: Janet SuchCoach/GM: Kevin GilbrideStadium: MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, N.J.)New York is the other city that had an original XFL franchise, and it gives the league one of two major markets on the East Coast. Gilbride was an assistant for the Giants from 2004-13. He was part of two Super Bowl-championship teams.St. Louis BattleHawksCoach/GM: Jonathan HayesStadium: The Dome at America’s Center (St. Louis, Mo.)St. Louis gets back into professional football after watching the Rams leave for Los Angeles. Hayes played tight end for the Steelers and Chiefs before a long stint as the Bengals tight ends coach from 2003-18.Seattle DragonsPresident: Ryan GutafsonCoach/GM: Jim ZornStadium: CenturyLink Field (Seattle, Wash.)The Seahawks have a decided home-field advantage. Will this Seattle franchise enjoy the same feeling? Zorn played quarterback for Seattle from 1976-84 and returned as an offensive assistant before a head-coaching stint with the Redskins.Tampa Bay VipersCoach/GM: Marc TrestmanStadium: Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, Fla.)The Tampa Bay market had success with the USFL and Arena football, and this will be another chance. Trestman won three Grey Cups as the head coach in Montreal before a two-year stint with the Chicago Bears.D.C. DefendersPresident: Erik MosesCoach/GM: Pep HamiltonStadium: Audi Field (Washington, D.C.)Washington did not have a franchise in the original XFL, but it did have a USFL team that enjoyed success at the professional level. That was also during the Redskins’ heyday. Hamilton last served as offensive coordinator at Michigan from 2017-18.XFL 2020 scheduleThe XFL schedule for 2020 runs 12 weeks beginning in February through April with 43 game in all, including playoffs, to determine the champion of the rebooted football league.The league opens Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020 — the weekend after Super Bowl 54 — and regular season will span 10 weeks through April 12. Two playoff games are scheduled for April 18 and April 19, with its championship game on April 26.Week 1Saturday, Feb. 8GameKickoff timeTV channelSeattle Dragons at D.C Defenders2 p.m. ETABCLos Angeles Wildcats at Houston Roughnecks5 p.m. ETFoxSunday, Feb. 9GameKickoff timeTV channelTampa Bay Vipers at New York Guardians2 p.m. ETFoxSt. Louis BattleHawks at Dallas Renegades5 p.m. ETESPNWeek 2Saturday, Feb. 15GameKickoff timeTV channelNew York Guardians at D.C. Defenders2 p.m. ETABCTampa Bay Vipers at Seattle Dragons5 p.m. ETFoxSunday, Feb. 16GameKickoff timeTV channelDallas Renegades at Los Angeles Wildcats3 p.m. ETABCSt. Louis BattleHawks at Houston Roughnecks6 p.m. ETFS1Week 3Saturday, Feb. 22GameKickoff timeTV channelHouston Roughnecks at Tampa Bay Vipers2 p.m. ETABCDallas Renegades at Seattle Dragons5 p.m. ETFoxSunday, Feb. 23GameKickoff timeTV channelNew York Guardians at St. Louis BattleHawks3 p.m. ETESPND.C. Defenders at Los Angeles Wildcats6 p.m. ETFS1Week 4Saturday, Feb. 29GameKickoff timeTV channelLos Angeles Wildcats at New York Guardians2 p.m. ETABCSeattle Dragons at St. Louis BattleHawks5 p.m. ETFoxSunday, March 1GameKickoff timeTV channelHouston Roughnecks at Dallas Renegades4 p.m. ETFS1D.C. Defenders at Tampa Bay Vipers7 p.m. ETESPN2Week 5Saturday, March 7GameKickoff timeTV channelSeattle Dragons at Houston Roughnecks2 p.m. ETABCNew York Guardians at Dallas Renegades5 p.m. ETFoxSunday, March 8GameKickoff timeTV channelSt. Louis BattleHawks at D.C. Defenders3 p.m. ETFS1Tampa Bay Vipers at Los Angeles Wildcats9 p.m. ETESPNWeek 6Saturday, March 14GameKickoff timeTV channelHouston Roughnecks at New York Guardians2 p.m. ETABCSt. Louis BattleHawks at Tampa Bay Vipers5 p.m. ETFS2Sunday, March 15GameKickoff timeTV channelDallas Renegades at D.C. Defenders4 p.m. ETFS1Los Angeles Wildcats at Seattle Dragons7 p.m. ETESPNWeek 7Saturday, March 21GameKickoff timeTV channelDallas Renegades at Tampa Bay Vipers2 p.m. ETABCLos Angeles Wildcats at St. Louis BattleHawks5 p.m. ETFoxSunday, March 22GameKickoff timeTV channelNew York Guardians at Seattle Dragons3 p.m. ETABCD.C. Defenders at Houston Roughnecks6 p.m. ETFS1Week 8Saturday, March 28GameKickoff timeTV channelTampa Bay Vipers at D.C. Defenders2 p.m. ETABCSt. Louis BattleHawks at New York Guardians5 p.m. ETFoxSunday, March 29GameKickoff timeTV channelHouston Roughnecks at Los Angeles Wildcats3 p.m. ETABCSeattle Dragons at Dallas Renegades6 p.m. ETFS1Week 9Thursday, April 2GameKickoff timeTV channelDallas Renegades at Houston Roughnecks8 p.m. ETFoxSaturday, April 4GameKickoff timeTV channelD.C. Defenders at New York Guardians2 p.m. ETABCSunday, April 5GameKickoff timeTV channelTampa Bay Vipers at St. Louis BattleHawks12 p.m. ETESPNSeattle Dragons at Los Angeles Wildcats6 p.m. ETFS1Week 10Thursday, April 9GameKickoff timeTV channelLos Angeles Wildcats at Dallas Renegades8 p.m. ETFoxSaturday, April 10GameKickoff timeTV channelHouston Roughnecks at Seattle Dragons2 p.m. ETABCSunday, April 12GameKickoff timeTV channelD.C Defenders at St. Louis BattleHawksTBDABCNew York Guardians at Tampa Bay VipersTBDFS1XFL POWER RANKINGS: Best, worst rosters by entertainment valueXFL playoffs schedule 2020Following the regular season, the top two teams in each division, East and West, will square off for the right to play for the XFL championship. The East Final is scheduled for Saturday, April 18, and the West Final will be held Sunday, April 19.The first-place team in each division will host its respective division final.East and West FinalsSaturday, April 18GameKickoff timeTV channelEast No. 2 at East No. 13 p.m. ETFoxSunday, April 19GameKickoff timeTV channelWest No. 2 at West No. 13 p.m. ETESPNChampionshipSunday, April 26GameKickoff timeTV channelEast vs. West3 p.m. ETESPNDifference between XFL vs. NFLThe XFL announced its rules in January, including two key differences in overtime and kickoffs. Here’s a full explainer on the XFL rules vs. NFL.According to the XFL, it aims to be “faster, with more plays, less stall, fewer interruptions and no gimmicks.”From the XFL’s official site: “We’re sifting through the thousands of suggestions and recommendations we’ve received from fans, players, coaches and experts on ways to improve the game. Bottom line: every element of the game is under review to see where we can make improvements. We are already field-testing each potential change and if we approve it, you will see it. If not, it’s trash.”The following are potential rule differences between the XFL and the NFL based on various media reports.— More than one forward pass. The XFL could allow more than one forward pass on a play, as long as those passes come from behind the line of scrimmage. So, in essence, double forward passes would be allowed on some level. Offensive linemen would not be allowed to advance downfield before a forward pass crosses the line of scrimmage.— No fair catches (like the first time). The kicking team would have to give a returner at least five yards of space to catch the ball.— Closer kickoffs. Teams would be separated by five yards on kickoffs instead of 10 yards, and no surprise onside kicks would be allowed.— No extra points, but you can go for one, two or three. Teams would be able to go for one from the 2-yard line, go for two from the 5-yard line or go for three from the 10-yard line after touchdowns. This would have the potential to be one of the most exciting rule changes.— Overtime shootout. In overtime, each team would get five plays from the 5-yard line, and they get one point each time they reach the end zone. Turnovers would be worth one point each, too. Both teams would get five attempts, and each team’s offense and defense would be on the field at the same time, on opposite ends of the field. (Think penalty kicks in soccer.) It could be fun.last_img read more