Victim wants ‘racist’ Chelsea fans “locked up”

first_imgThe man who was allegedly racially abused by a group of Chelsea supporters at a Paris metro station has called for the perpetrators to be “locked up”.Souleymane S is claiming to be the black man who was shoved off a train by a group of Chelsea supporters, who reportedly chanted, “We’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it”.Video footage of the incident, which is being examined by police, was taken prior to Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Paris Saint-Germain at Parc des Princes in the first leg of their last-16 Champions League clash on Tuesday evening.In an interview with French newspaper Le Parisien, Souleymane S said: “I wanted to get into the car but a group of English fans blocked me and pushed me away. I tried to force my way on. In the scramble, I lost my phone. They told me things in English but I did not really understand what they were saying. I do not speak a word of English.”I understand also that they were attacking me because of the colour of my skin. You know, I live with racism, I was not really surprised by what happened to me even if it was a first in the metro.”I stayed there a long time, facing them. Somebody came up to me straight after to tell me I had been very brave to stand up to these people in that way. These people, these English fans must be found, punished and locked up. What happened should not go unpunished.” Chelsea have vowed to ban any supporters found guilty of racist abuse following the incident.last_img read more

Iowa lawmaker’s give ‘unequivocal’ pledge about government pensions

first_imgDES MOINES — The leader of a House committee is promising to block any attempt to adjust the pension benefits awarded through the Iowa Public Employees Retirement System — commonly called IPERS.Republican Representative Bobby Kaufman of Wilton is chairman of the House State Government Committee, the panel that would consider any IPERS policy changes.“There is very simply and unequivocally not going to be changes,” Kaufmann said Tuesday.A Republican state senator introduced a bill last year that would have enrolled future state and local government employees into something like the 401k systems available in the private sector. Kaufmann said if that idea is resurrected in the state senate, it will go nowhere in the Iowa House and groups that are saying otherwise are wrong.“All these groups that are pushing out this crap, after today what you are doing will be completely deceitful, so I want to make it crystal clear,” Kaufmann said. “Republicans never had intentions of taking away or substantively changing your IPERS and going forward over the next two years unequivocally there will be none.”Representative Mary Mascher, a Democrat from Iowa City, said because Republicans made dramatic changes to Iowa’s collective bargaining law in 2017, there’s a “lack of trust” when Republicans make pledges about public workers’ pensions.“I appreciate the fact that you’re very adamant about making no changes and I think that’s important,” Mascher said during Tuesday’s committee meeting, “but that message needs to be delivered to the senate, because they have been proposing legislation.”Kaufmann replied that no bill becomes law without coming through the Iowa House.“It is absolute that after today, any group that sends out the email scaring our constituents, I’m going to publicly call you a liar,” Kaufmann said.Progress Iowa is one of the group’s Kaufmann specifically cited Tuesday. The group’s executive director in a written statement said retirement security is “too important for us to stay silent” and his group “won’t be bullied by Bobby Kaufmann.”last_img read more