Luis Enrique turns a year without bench and Ramos, 34 tomorrow

first_imgGermany. It is very likely that the Selection will not return until September 3, the date for which the first match of the League of Nations. By then a year and a half will have passed without Luis Enrique on the bench. At the turn of summer, Spain has an appointment in Germany and that is supposed to be the game of his return. That, of course, assuming that the UEFA do not decide to suspend the competition in the event of the collapse of the calendar. The leagues press for the FIFA leave the dates of the selections free, because in addition in the next season it is necessary to fit the Eurocup and the Club World Cup.Challenge Ramos. According to Luis Enrique, the postponement of the Euro Cup will be good for young people. As well, Sergio Ramos He will turn 34 tomorrow tomorrow Monday ready to renew with the Real Madrid and to continue to command the Federation, in the Selection. The next Euro Cup will reach him well into the 35s. Another challenge for the camero, who could also make history if he is able to go to the Games at that age. It would be the first. Above thirty, very few footballers have been Olympians. In that exclusive club they are Zamorano (33 years in Sidney 2000) Y Bebeto (32 in Atlanta 1996). But if there is a footballer capable of fulfilling the Olympic dream beyond 35 years, he is called Sergio Ramos Garcíaos 35 years old, he is called Sergio Ramos García. Hello coach. Luis Enrique has reappeared this week to respond to the curiosities of the fans on the social networks of the Federation. He has done it just in the same week that it has been a year since the last time he sat on the bench Spain, who had to leave because of his family tragedy. The last time we saw the Asturian in action was on March 23, 2019, in the Spain-Norway (2-1) classification for the Eurocup. It’s been a long time, and even more, before the playu gets back to work. Although the next two games of the Selection They have not yet been suspended, they will be shortly and that will further lengthen the return. The scheduled friendlies against Portugal (on June 5, in the Metropolitan Wanda) nor the one that was to be played four days later against Lithuania in Santander. The pandemic has carried the calendar ahead and the June international friendlies will be postponed.last_img read more