Kenya’s Atheists organisation Demand Registration

first_imgHarrison Mumia who serves as the President, Atheists In Kenya In a statement to the press, he argued that they were entitled to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed freedom to associate by being able to form an association. Harrison Mumia who serves as the President, Atheists In KenyaAn association of Kenyans who do not believe in God has written an ultimatum to Attorney-General seeking their registration as an umbrella organisation.The Kenyans, through their group, Atheists In Kenya (AIK), have asked the Attorney-General to explain in writing within 14 days why their registration was rejected or it will take legal action.The Deputy Registrar of Societies, Mr Joseph Onyango, had rejected AIK on the grounds that its ideology goes against the Constitution of Kenya.Mr Onyango quoted the preamble of the Constitution, “We, the People of Kenya, acknowledging the Supremacy of the Almighty God of All creation…” during the disqualification.He argued that “the Preamble of our Constitution recognises the supremacy of God Almighty,” which AIK’s ideology violates.center_img However, AIK chairman Harrison Mumia rejects the interpretation, saying “that the Bill of Rights fully protects atheists and allows them to form an association.”last_img read more