Following the example of the Lika Quality system, Zadar County is launching its regional quality system

first_imgBut most importantly, there are currently 169 products in the system from 59 manufacturers from the destination Lika, which includes the Lika-Senj, Zadar and Karlovac counties. The Lika Quality system is a regional quality system of food, beverages and souvenirs produced in Lika. The Lika Quality logo is designed as a combination of a traditional Lika hat and an international quality label – the letter Q. The logo is protected by the State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia as a guarantee stamp.  Lag Lika, ie Lika Quality, is an excellent example of how to strategically develop and brand a tourist destination. Thus, Ivana Starčević from Lika Local Action Group and Petra Butković and Viktorija Rogić from Lika Destination Cluster presented to their colleagues from Zadar County this excellent model of connecting tourist participants with local producers, ie family farms, which works on the market, which is most important throughout approach. The first successful model in Croatia, not to deal with form, but with content, and to have succeeded on the market. Representatives of Zadar County want to launch a quality system in their county. Aware of the fact that every region in Croatia has an extremely rich gastronomic offer and very high quality producers, they want to help producers from the Zadar County and motivate them to continue producing their quality products, but in this way they want to achieve that Zadar County, just like Lika a real gastro destination.  The Lika Quality model, which is unique in Croatia in many ways and the success it has achieved, also interested the neighboring Zadar County, so the Department for Rural and Island Development and Agriculture and Fisheries in Zadar County was in Gospić today to present and get to know this unique system. . As they say from the Lika Destination Cluster, this is not the first time that other regions are inquiring about launching the Lika Quality system because so far several LAGs from other parts of Croatia are interested in launching the label, which only proves and confirms how commendable the Lika Quality system is. project.  Bravo for cooperation, openness, proactivity and synergy. We chronically miss and need that in Croatia, and especially in tourism. It is not a shame not to know, it is a shame not to ask and stick to the status quo in today’s modern age where information is available to us in the palm of one hand, both immediately and now. Especially when we have a successful model in Croatia. Getting useful and practical advice first hand is invaluable, because it can skip some initial problems and challenges and accelerate the development of a project. Rather, buy the know-how and make your own authentic and different version of the story. That is why this step taken by the Zadar County is an excellent example of cooperation and proactivity, and we have a lot of similar excellent positive business models in Croatia. You just need to ask and see live how business models in the market behave. Because one thing is theory, and something else is practice. Products in the Lika Quality system are available at the joint Lika Quality point of sale in the Plitvice Lakes National Park, where for the first time small local producers had the opportunity to sell their products under a common brand in one of the most visited places in Croatia. Soon the products will be on sale in NP Northern Velebit, NP Paklenica, PP Velebit and other protected areas in the destination Lika.last_img read more