Master Queen: Keeping Things Real

first_imgThe other day, many years ago, the average Liberian music lover could not and would not understand the Liberian entertainment industry for many relevant reasons. Many devoted music lovers then were in a transitioning point of trying to adjust back to the sound of music after not being able to listen to it during a decade of war and emotional silence.Meanwhile, a young lady, who has spent most of her better life lip singing all of her favorite songs and walking down pageant runways in hopes of becoming the next beautiful thing, had a promotional master plan in getting her fellow Liberians back to their musical roots.Gritty and raw with real talent behind the DJ booth over the last 8 years, DJ/MC Master Queen mustered up a drive, plan and dream to become the biggest Liberian entertainer one day, somehow.While Hip-Co music was being spoon-fed to a society that runs on “hear say”, artist and entertainers alike Master Queen were desperately doing anything to push its society to want to be entertained by their own artist in the Hip-Co vernacular.Hottfm 107.9 DJ/personality Master Queen, through challenges, hard work and international recognition has unmercifully fed her audience with the Hip-Co fever, and now everyone wants to know where to get a dose of Liberia’s biggest female artist promoter.LIB LIFE: Welcome Grace C. Weah, commonly known as Master Queen. Can we say that you are the master of promoting Liberian entertainment?Master Queen: I actually worked for what I’m earning right now. I worked for it and that’s why they say I’m the “Master Queen.”LIB LIFE: We have been hearing great things about you and now learn you have climbed the ladder further?Master Queen: Actually, I am presently at Hottfm 107.9 and seated very well. I host the Grace the occasion show, a 2-hour Liberian entertainment radio show sponsored by Cellcom. I’m also a promoter for Cellcom GSM Company. I’m the ambassador who promotes their products, activities and everything. Cellcom is actually here for the people and are also into the entertainment business.LIB LIFE: Nice! We know they manage artist and promote their company with the help of Mighty Blow, and its great to learn you are also a part of their team.Master Queen: Yes. You’ve done stories on their events and see that they have put themselves into entertainment and has artist. In fact, when they heard that I was doing strictly Liberian entertainment on air, they sponsored my show and I am so proud to be a part of Cellcom’s network.LIB LIFE: How did you graduate to that level in the industry and manage to break all the barriers that come with fame?Master Queen: Hard work is the key! Even if you are in training and not putting your all into it, you won’t benefit. I promote Liberian entertainment and everything surrounding it. I’ve been doing it for 8 years and still remember when I started the struggle.LIB LIFE: Struggle’s a strong word to use, was it really a struggle for you? Master Queen: When I say struggle that means I had to leave everything and say to myself “yes, I want to be that woman.”LIB LIFE: What did you have to leave or change to be what you wanted to be?Master Queen: I started off doing beauty pageants and won Ms. Sayton Town, Ms. Bushrod Island, Ms. Mamba Point and Ms. Central Monrovia. The only contest I have never won was Ms. Liberia; I never contested for MS. Liberia, that’s why. But I had the passion for entertainment and listened to music all day. So, my last year of high school I decided to attend a one-year journalism school called Jarah School of Journalism on Benson Street. Afterwards, I joined a big name, Melvin Bernie, who owned Crystal fm. I had a close friend and radio director Master Prince who worked with me. That’s how I started the radio business in 2008 and will repeat this for anyone anywhere” I started my career at Crystal Fm but passed through a lot”LIB LIFE: We hear about sexual exploitation in all environments, and you being an attractive lady, have you ever been a victim of that?Master Queen: Crystal Fm was like a training ground for radio personalities. I used to do anything possible to make it work at Crystals in order to present whatever there was for me to present. It was challenging because you know when you are young there’s a lot of men who love to abuse women. I had a lot of problems with a lot of men who were only around me because they knew I needed the money, transportation and a way to shine and get famous. Especially after winning Ms. Mamba Point, men who saw my potential and passion knew that I wanted fame. At that point I could have done anything for radio except letting men abuse me. After going through a lot of things, I started business to get that transportation fair that I needed. Through my older sister who used to go to Nigeria and bring goods for me to sell, I was able to manage to get transportation to work and also sustain myself.LIB LIFE: Thank Goodness God was on your side and you have beaten all odds. Thank you for sharing your time with us Queen and keep up the role as a positive role model to the girls in Liberia and all over the world.Master Queen: Thank God for my friends, fans and family. I’m the daughter of the Late Joseph C. Weah who was a medical doctor and passed away in 1992.I have 6 siblings and I being the youngest, we are a very united family. Joseph Weah, Liberia’s top actor is my older brother, and we are the only two who have ventured into the entertainment industry. You know what, I don’t want to only promote Liberian Entertainment on ground but all over the world. People know me globally and I want to see myself in the next year in other parts of the world like America, Nigeria and Ghana. Trust me, I am already working towards that and have received several invitations. I thank you so much LIB LIFE for being a great promoter as well behind our entertainment industry.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more