Our readers are split almost equally over whether

first_imgOur readers are split almost equally over whether Jeremy Corbyn should back another EU referendum, the latest LabourList survey has found.The Labour leader has come under significant pressure to support a fresh public vote over the last few months, with polls by YouGov in September and by an academic study earlier this month showing that party members overwhelmingly favour the idea.But the latest weekly survey, which attracted 7,224 responses over three days, found that a slim majority of 50.2% believed Corbyn should not support another vote, while 49.8% believed he should.The survey also found that a majority of LabourList readers (55.6%) considered ‘no Brexit’ to be “the best outcome”, preferring it to Corbyn’s plan for a Brexit deal.Almost 40% chose Corbyn’s alternative Brexit, while only 5.3% supported ‘no deal’, 5% EEA membership/the Norway (plus) model and 1.3% – just 91 readers – May’s plan.The vast majority of LabourList readers (72.9%) also said they believed that Theresa May would be willing to take the UK out of the EU without having secured a deal – despite Corbyn’s description of no deal preparations as “Project Fear”.According to the survey, the most popular shadow cabinet member is Labour’s Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer, with Corbyn allies John McDonnell and Emily Thornberry winning second and third place respectively.1. Should Jeremy Corbyn come out in favour of another EU referendum now?Click to enlarge.No – 50.2% (3,623)Yes – 49.8% (3,601)2. Which of these options do you believe is the best outcome?Click to enlarge.No Brexit – 55.6% (4,020)Corbyn’s plan – 32.8% (2,367)No deal – 5.3% (386)EEA/Norway (+) model – 5.0% (360)May’s plan – 1.3% (91)3. Jeremy Corbyn has described ‘no-deal’ preparations as “Project Fear”. Do you believe Theresa May is willing to lead the UK out of the EU without a deal?Click to enlarge.Yes – 72.9% (5,266)No – 27.1% (1,958)4. Who are your top three favourite shadow cabinet members?Click to enlarge.Keir Starmer – 18% (3,903)John McDonnell – 17% (3,690)Emily Thornberry – 10% (2,175)Tom Watson – 9.2% (1,999)Angela Rayner – 8.2% (1,786)Diane Abbott – 6% (1,295)Rebecca Long-Bailey – 5% (1,091)Barry Gardiner – 5% (1,084)Shami Chakrabarti – 3.4% (742)Richard Burgon – 2.9% (627)Jon Ashworth – 2% (442)Ian Lavery – 1.8% (386)Dawn Butler – 1.5% (335)John Healey – 1.1% (236)Dan Carden – 1% (222)Baroness Smith of Basildon – 0.9% (199)Cat Smith – 0.9% (185)Nia Griffith – 0.8% (167)Andrew Gwynne – 0.8% (166)Andy McDonald – 0.6% (138)Nick Brown – 0.6% (137)Margaret Greenwood – 0.6% (136)Jon Trickett – 0.5% (116)Tony Lloyd – 0.4% (76)Sue Hayman – 0.3% (61)Valerie Vaz – 0.3% (57)Barbara Keeley – 0.2% (51)Lesley Laird – 0.2% (48)Christina Rees – 0.2% (45)Peter Dowd – 0.2% (43)Lord Thomas McAvoy – 0.2% (34)The survey was open from 8am on Friday 25th January until 8pm on Sunday 27th January. Thank you to all 7,224 readers who took part.Tags:Labour /Weekly Survey /Jeremy Corbyn /Brexit /Survey Results /People’s Vote /no deal /last_img read more

SF Missions Encuentro Celebrates Community with the Sound of Cuba

first_img 0% And with a roster of local and national artists whose music recalls the roots of Latino song, culture, and identity, Encuentro’s values remain the same. As tribute to the revival of the political relationship between Cuba and the U.S., Sunday’s line-up was dedicated to varied interpretations of Cuban and Caribbean sounds and celebrating the region’s rich artistic culture.La Mecanica Popular, a Brooklyn-based group, offered a new take on Latin dance music dubbed “psychedelic salsa,” a layering of traditional salsa beats with electronic synthesizers that prompted the crowd to erupt in dance.  Also performing was the John Santos Sextet– the renowned group of Latin Jazz performers delivered an intimate performance alongside special guest Roberto Hernandez.The night was kicked off by local talent Soltrón, a 12-piece ensemble of young San Francisco natives who represent the Mission’s “new” sound– a creative blend of Latin-Jazz, Chicano rock and Batucada Samba with elements of contemporary Hip-Hop and electronic music.Lyrics from their song “Stand Up,” Soltron’s Anthony Sierra explained, address the displacement and gentrification in the Mission’s Latino community.“In the Mission, it’s money versus tradition,” said Sierra. With a Cuban father and family roots in the Mission, Sierra said he grew up with Encuentro. He compared the event to a “big ol’ family party.”“What is going on in this neighborhood right now is shaping our sound, and may be a reason why we are together as a band in the first place,” said Sierra. “It’s a response.”The intergenerational line-up and dance-friendly venue drew a crowd of all ages, easily filling the Chapel’s auditorium throughout the evening.“This music reminds us of when we were younger, at family parties. But now we are putting our own twist on it,” said Marcelo Vega, who attended the Encuentro for the first time. “The chapel always had this hipster image to it, but now, after seeing this, I think its perfect for this type of event.”Photo by Laura WaxmannIn an effort to reclaim its footing in the Mission and open its doors to a multigenerational crowd, organizers decided to move the Encuentro from its previous location at the Brava Theater back to its original venue at the Chapel on Valencia Street.“Valencia is changing, and a lot of people don’t even go there because they don’t identify with it anymore,” said Georgiana Hernandez, executive director of Acción Latina, the organization behind Encuentro.Hernandez hoped that moving the concert would would give it more visibility and revive a Latino presence in the gentrified area.“Our feeling was to bring this important culture back to Valencia street. It’s a way to make sure we have a presence here,” she said.The move did not come without some resistance.  Jesus Varela, who is on the Encuentro organizing committee, explained that he anticipated some of the push back that he received from community members concerned that organizers were “selling out” by moving the event out of the 24th Street corridor, fearing that it could lose some of its cultural significance.“A generation ago, Valencia street was also Latino,” said Varela. “This street still belongs to us as much as anybody else, and we also deserve to have a presence here.”Fuentes, the artist, echoed this sentiment.  “At a time when the Mission is going through so many changes, we need to be vocal and vibrant. With Encuentro, we are showing that we are here.” Tags: community • Events • Music Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%center_img As pulsating Afro-Cuban rhythms drummed up a crowd in the Chapel’s auditorium, Juan Fuentes looked on from the music venue’s balcony on Sunday evening.“Here at the Chapel is where it all began,” said Fuentes about Encuentro Del Canto Popular, an annual concert that has celebrated Latino culture, art and music with a focus on social justice for three decades.It was in 1982, said the prominent Mission-based visual artist, that he was first tasked with designing a poster for what started as a two-day festival in the auditorium of the New College of California, which now the houses the Chapel, a live music venue at 777 Valencia St.“Art, music, community, family, social justice – Encuentro always gave me the license to do something creative that reflects my ideals,” said the 65-year-old, who over the years has designed a majority of the event’s art posters, some of which he turned into majestic backdrops that were exhibited during Sunday’s concert. “In the process, I got to listen to some really incredible music.”last_img read more

Super Bowl Party in SF Mission Feeds Homeless

first_imgIn a rear enclave reserved for the homeless attendees at the SoMa StrEat Food Park’s Super Bowl party on Sunday, Scott Kitterman, 46, took a satisfying bite out of his second hot dog.“I’m eating again now,” he said. He had finally recovered from a bad case of the stomach flu, made worse by his recent onset of AIDS.Kitterman had rushed over to the party as soon as he heard about it, but by the time he arrived, others had already snatched up all the free tents. No matter, he said, there was still plenty of free food and donated socks.“I got two new pairs,” he said gleefully. Tags: homeless Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% 0%center_img By the game’s start, when Lady Gaga materialized on the StrEat Food Park’s outdoor televisions and began belting out the national anthem, at least 75 homeless people had checked in for the St. Francis Challenge event — the brainchild of 2015 San Francisco mayoral candidate Amy Farah Weiss.The event, hosted at the outdoor eatery on the Mission District’s border, was a foil to the Super Bowl bonanza happening simultaneously downtown: Not only were homeless people invited, but on arrival they were greeted with free port-o-potty access and other resources, including acupuncture treatments.The Weiss team’s staff fired up the grill at noon, and by 3 p.m. they had almost exhausted their entire 100-pack of vegan hot dogs – the entire event featured a purely plant-based menu. By the end of the day, they had served more than 300 of the hot dogs.It was the perfect place for Tara Spalty to make an appearance. Last week, she and graphic designer Shaun Osburn launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise $10,000 to buy tents for the city’s homeless, replacing the ones allegedly confiscated by the Department of Public Works during the sweeps of homeless encampments leading up to the Super Bowl. As of Sunday, the pair had raised almost $17,000.At about $30 a pop, that money was buying lots of tents, spurring Spalty to solicit help from 10 of her taxi-driving friends to hand them out. “They know the streets, and they know where the homeless people are,” she said.At the St. Francis Challenge event, Spalty initially brought 10 tents to give away. Those were gone in a flash. She caught a ride home and returned with 40 more, and those disappeared in minutes into a sea of open hands.“There’s such a big need for this,” Spalty remarked, somewhat in awe. A licensed acupuncturist, she and her colleagues were also providing free treatments to homeless people to help relieve physical and emotional stress. By Sunday’s kickoff, they had finished 20 sessions.For Weiss, the St. Francis Challenge event was an opportunity to get community feedback about her own proposed policy agendas. Attendees received forms, asking them to rank their preferences for ideas like creating “24/7 access to hygienic toileting” for all homeless people, or mandating that the city’s police “cease and desist from giving citations for homelessness.”Weiss is brainstorming other ideas too, as cheaper alternatives to San Francisco’s current approach of taking people off the streets and placing them in shelters. She has also started a survey to get a read on people’s understanding of the problems facing the homeless.To draw a cost comparison, she pointed to a new, 9,900-square-foot shelter at Pier 80, which will house 150 people at a time from now until March or April — whenever the wet winter weather abates, CBS News reported. After an initial setup cost of $500,000, the shelter will cost $150,000 per month to operate, or $1,000 per head.“We could do a lot more with less money,” Weiss said, suggesting that it would cost a fraction of that amount to improve conditions at some perennial homeless encampments, like the one at the intersection of Cesar Chavez St. and Highway 101. City Hall, she said, could install port-o-potties at a cost of $30 per weekly servicing. Or it might open savings accounts for each person and deposit small monthly sums, set aside to help pay for their housing in the future.Some of Weiss’ ideas are unconventional. But she’s quick to point out that existing policies have not fixed San Francisco’s homelessness problem.It’s a many-sided conundrum. People arrive, and remain, on the streets for a multitude of reasons, all of which require different, tailored remedies from city agencies that scrape by on tight budgets.And it’s a problem that makes people uncomfortable. That’s what documentarian Natasha Giraudie discovered first-hand while trying to fundraise for an independent film series on homelessness, which she partially screened for attendees at the Food Park’s Super Bowl party.Giraudie started making phone calls in September. She went to more than 250 companies and organizations, with whom she had long-held, close connections. Nobody bit.“They expressed personal interest in the project, but a hesitation to attach their brand to it,” she said.One organization agreed to give money on the condition that she first secure other funding, which she has been unable to do so far. She created a Kickstarter campaign, but that fell tens of thousands of dollars short of its goal. At the moment, her company’s footing the bill.“I’ve raised a lot of money over the years,” she said. “But there is a bit of an allergic reaction to this topic.” last_img read more

State yanks liquor license from delinquent restaurant Farina

first_imgState officials seized the liquor license of Farina Focaccia & Cucina Italiana on 18th and Dearborn streets and sold it at auction to cover nearly $275,000 in back taxes and penalties owed by the restaurant, according to a Board of Equalization notice. The license went on sale July 11 with a minimum bid of $225,000. A spokesperson for the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration indicated the license had been sold, but did not disclose who bought it. According to a Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control spokesperson, the agency must do a background review of the buyer before they may operate.For recent weeks, the restaurant at 3560 18th Street has been closed. One reader reported it had been closed since May 24. On June 9, a notice appeared on the restaurant’s door from the landlord, the Edward Plant Company. The notice said Farina had not paid its rent of roughly $11,100 for the month of June. Later that month, another notice appeared, ordering the restaurant to submit more than $5,000 in unpaid water and garbage bills or face the consequences. On recent afternoons, the restaurant has continued to appear closed, though its fixtures remain in place.  Ted Plant of the Edward Plant Company, the San Francisco real estate brokerage firm that owns the 18th Street location, declined to comment on the current status of the tenancy, but said he had not received word from Farina that they had any intention of closing. Without a liquor license, however, and with several weeks of closed doors already elapsed, it is unclear what form the restaurant will take if it reopens.The new holder of the license could apply it at the same location or move it to a different address in the city, according to the ABC. Its second location, Farina Pizza, at Valencia and 18th streets, remains open. A worker there, who did not give a name, said the closed location had closed due to a leak and would reopen. When pressed about the tax debt, the person said Farina had been taken over by new management, who would address the problem, and referred questions to the email listed on Farina’s website. The worker could not name the new management company or its agents. An email for comment to Farina’s email address was not returned by press time.Last year, when it became clear that Farina faced dozens of claims for money it owed for operations at both locations, a manager for Farina gave a similar response: He said the restaurants had been acquired by a new company, Global Trading & Marketing LLC, and the previous owners no longer had anything do with the restaurant. However, the original owner of Farina, Luca Minna, was among those named on the recently seized liquor license for the restaurant. Minna did not respond to a request for comment by press time.Global Trading & Marketing, a Florida-based company, is still registered with the California Secretary of State as doing business at 3560 18th Street. No phone number or email is listed for its officers on public records available through the Secretary of State website. The Florida Secretary of State’s office lists a different manager for the same license number and company name, but also offers no contact information.Mission Local will add comments from the restaurant or management company if one becomes available. 0%center_img Tags: Business • food Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

THE RFL has announced that five of Rugby Leagues

first_imgTHE RFL has announced that five of Rugby League’s greatest heroes will be represented in the statue which will celebrate the sport’s long and proud association with Wembley Stadium.The public work of art at Wembley will incorporate the five players who featured in the final shortlist: Billy Boston, Eric Ashton, Martin Offiah, Gus Risman and Alex Murphy.All five were shortlisted following a public vote and a process involving a number of specially-convened selection panels comprising fans, Rugby League journalists, coaches, players, national newspaper editors and MPs.The final decision to involve all five players in an artistic interpretation which captures the spirit of Rugby League at Wembley was made by the RFL Board of Directors and announced at the national stadium today.RFL Chief Executive Nigel Wood said the Board believed the group representation would be the perfect way to highlight the sport’s glorious association and celebrated history with Wembley Stadium.“The RFL Board’s view echoed that of the many thousands of people who were involved in the selection process in that the statue needed to be a group representation,” said Wood. “So many players have contributed to the rich history of the sport and its association with Wembley and the Board were keen that that should be reflected in the statue.“Having Risman, Boston, Ashton, Murphy and Offiah all part of the statue means that every generation of the sport is celebrated.“We will continue the theme of representing the whole sport and its achievements by using the plinth on which the statue will stand as creatively as possible.”Rugby League is the second sport to be recognised at Wembley alongside football legend Bobby Moore, the captain of the winning England team from the 1966 World Cup final whose statue is the only other work of public art at the stadium.The sculpture will be commissioned with a view to unveiling it at Wembley prior to the Rugby League World Cup 2013 semi-final double-header at the stadium next November.Rugby League has been associated with Wembley for more than 80 years with the first Challenge Cup final played at the stadium in 1929. Since then some of the sport’s greatest moments have taken place at the venue, including Martin Offiah’s stunning length-of-the-field dash in 1994 which remains etched into the minds of all who witnessed it.WNSL Managing Director Roger Maslin said: “Wembley Stadium is inextricably linked with Rugby League and most specifically the Challenge Cup.“At Wembley Stadium we constantly strive to inspire memories and the players being honoured today have undoubtedly given their supporters and the wider sporting public as a whole plenty of memories to cherish.“It is a fitting tribute that a statue is to be erected in honour of their endeavours but also highlights the history that Rugby League and Wembley Stadium shares.”Martin Offiah was shocked to find out that he would have some involvement in the final make-up of the statue.“I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news, I was in total shock,” he said. “I’ve said from the beginning that I’d be proud to support a Rugby League statue at Wembley, no matter whom or what it was.“But to know that I will be part of the statue is very special. This sits alongside anything that I achieved in my playing career. I’m immensely proud.”Alex Murphy, who captained three different sides at the iconic venue and has an unbeaten record at the stadium as both player and coach, was honoured to even be considered for the Rugby League statue, let alone be part of the work of art.“I was humbled to be in the same list as Risman, Boston, Ashton and Offiah and to be considered for the statue at Wembley,” added Murphy. “But to have some involvement in the final outcome of the statue is overwhelming and quite emotional for me. Wembley is a very special venue.“A match at Wembley is the most important in a player’s career, no matter what nationality, you always dream of playing at Wembley. So to have a statue representing the history of Rugby League at the stadium is a great accolade for the sport.”Offiah, Murphy and Billy Boston all attended today’s announcement with Bev Risman representing his late father Gus and Eric Ashton’s daughters, Michelle Huyton and Beverley Smith, and granddaughter Victoria Smith attending on behalf of their late father and grandfather.Billy Boston said he was “deeply moved” to learn that his playing exploits with Wigan and Great Britain were to be celebrated in the statue.“It’s a wonderful honour and privilege. I’m deeply moved that there’s going to be a statue of me outside Wembley alongside Gus, Alex, Martin and Eric and that people will look on us all as they do Bobby Moore,” said Boston, who played six times at Wembley, winning on three occasions.“There is no finer venue anywhere in the world. It’s a fabulous stadium and it still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up every year when I come to watch matches here.”The achievements of the five players who will be represented on the Wembley statue are as follows:Billy BostonBilly Boston was a prolific try-scorer during his career with Wigan and Blackpool Borough, the Welsh flier lit up Wembley on six occasions, winning three Challenge Cups. A member of the RL Hall of Fame, Boston scored 478 tries in 485 games for Wigan.Eric AshtonEric Ashton was the first person to win the Challenge Cup as a captain, coach and chairman, Ashton spent his entire playing career at Wigan, scoring 231 tries and 448 goals in 497 appearances. Three Challenge Cup victories, an Ashes success and a World Cup triumph ensured he cemented his reputation as one of the greatest players in Rugby League history.Martin Offiah‘Chariots’ is already celebrated at Wembley with a bar named after him in recognition of the wonder try he scored in the 1994 Challenge Cup final against Leeds, when he brought the stadium to its feet on an 80-metre run. He won four Challenge Cup finals with Wigan and represented Great Britain on 33 occasions.Gus RismanGus Risman spent 27 seasons involved in the sport, steered his beloved Workington Town to victory in the Championship in 1951 and to a famous Challenge Cup victory at Wembley in 1952, becoming the oldest ever Cup winner at the age of 41. During a career with Salford, Workington and Batley, he established career records which place him second in terms of all-time appearances with 873, third in terms of points scored with 4,052 and fifth in terms of goal kicked with 1,678.Alex MurphyAlex Murphy captained three different clubs at Wembley – St Helens, Leigh and Warrington – and is still held in high esteem by fans of all three clubs. A precocious talent, Murphy was outstanding for Great Britain, with whom he collected 27 caps.The RFL has already held discussions with celebrated artists and sculptors and will make a commission in the coming weeks.The picture shows Wembley CEO Roger Maslin, Bev Risman, Wembley Chairman Melvin Benn, Martin Offiah, RFL CEO Nigel Wood, Billy Boston, Alex Murphy, Michelle Huyton, Beverley Smith (Eric Ashton’s daughters), Victoria Smith (grand-daughter).last_img read more

Body found in Sunset Beach golf course pond believed to be missing

first_img With assistance from Sunset Beach Fire, Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, and the North Carolina Medical Examiners office, the body was removed from the water.Investigators have reason to believe that the body recovered was that of Paul Milton Simms who went missing on January 9 near this same area.Police told WWAY earlier this month that Simms, 23, may have been suffering from dementia or some other form of cognitive impairment.Related Article: Police: Woman beat McDonald’s manager over ketchupThe body is being sent for autopsy and positive identification by order of the NC Medical Examiner.Investigators do not suspect foul play. The investigation is ongoing. Paul Milton Simms BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Sunset Beach Police say a body found floating in a golf course pond Friday morning is believed to be of a missing man.Police say just before 10 a.m. they were notified that a body was seen floating face down in a golf course pond in the city limits of Sunset Beach.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Guns and Hoses faceoff in seventh annual hockey game

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– Saturday was the Seventh Annual Guns vs Hose charity hockey game between the Wilmington Police Department and the Wilmington Fire Department.All of the proceeds raised from this Saturday’s game will be going to support ACCESS of Wilmington’s The Miracle League. This years game was the first game to ever to have a sell out crowd in attendance. Baskets were raffled off and t-shirts were sold to help raise as much money as possible.- Advertisement – Wilmington Fire Department’s Allen Lewis the event organizer, told us how special this event is because it brings the community together as well as it raises money all for a great cause.“This means everything to me. This is my first year organizing it and taking the reins of it and being able to get a first sell out. Having the news coverage, radio coverage and bringing so many people from within Wilmington together for an event that normally wouldn’t be exposed to is amazing” said Lewis.There was also an after party once the game was over.last_img read more

St Marks Episcopal Church celebrates 150 years in Wilmington

first_img Kenneth Chestnut is a parishioner at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. He was also brought up in this church.For him all churches are unique in their own way but St. Mark’s is particularly special.“You can see it as you’re standing here that we definitely look to be diverse,” Chestnut said. “We’re a historically African American church but we’re a diverse church as well because we have to be if we’re looking to stay relevant and to continue to serve this community.”Related Article: Crowded town hall addresses needs of Wilmington’s northside neighborhoodChestnut says St. Mark’s couldn’t have made it this far without their loyal congregation.The faces have changed since 1869, but the energy has not.“We’re standing on someone’s shoulders, a lot of people’s shoulders,” Chestnut added. That made it possible for us to succeed and be here today. We didn’t just start and we didn’t do it ourselves but we have a long long rich history in the city of Wilmington in this community.”Chestnut is looking forward to many more years in Wilmington. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Wilmington is celebrating a huge milestone.For 150 years, it has stood striving towards diversity and serving the community.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Pope plans Holy Thursday service at Correctional Facility

first_imgIl-Faċilità Korrettiva ta’ Velletri fejn il-Papa se jiċċelebra Ħamis ix-XirkaIl-Faċilità Korrettiva ta’ Velletri fejn il-Papa se jiċċelebra Ħamis ix-Xirka On Thursday, April 18, the Holy Father Francis will visit the Velletri Correctional Facility, in Rome, for the celebration of Mass “in Coena Domini”.The visit will include encounters with the detainees, civil personnel, and penitentiary police officers, and the Eucharistic celebration with the rite of the washing of the feet of twelve detainees.The Holy Father will be received by the director, Maria Donata Iannantuono, the deputy director Pia Palmeri, the commander of the prison police, Maria Luisa Abbossida, and the chaplain Don Franco Diamante.The detention center, located one hour from the capital, was opened in 1991. It consists of two four-story pavilions, with 275 cells housing approximately 550 detainees and a police department.This will be the fifth time that the Argentine Pope will celebrate Holy Thursday with prisoners. Every year since his election in 2013, he has broken the tradition by celebrating this liturgy characterized by the rite of foot washing and the Gospel of the commandment of love, not in Saint John Lateran but in significant places: prison, refugee center or for people with disabilities.WhatsApp <a href=’http://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/ck.php?n=ab2c8853&amp;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’https://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=97&amp;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> SharePrintlast_img read more

Watch The public chose a party which defends the citizen – Agius

first_img <a href=’http://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/ck.php?n=ab2c8853&amp;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’https://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=97&amp;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> SharePrint Labour candidate for European Parliamentary Elections Alex Agius Saliba maintained that the public has responded by choosing a form of politics which defends the citizen as opposed to a politics built around fear.He was talking to Newsbook.com.mt at the counting hall, as the hour draws nearer for the final results. Earlier, Newsbook.com.mt sources uncovered that the Labour Party (PL) has won four seats in the European Parliament, while the Nationalist Party (PN) has been left with two. Agius Saliba is being named as prospective MEP.LIVE: Follow what’s happening inside the Counting HallAgius Saliba went on to say that the public was very clear that those which represent the country cannot be the same who cause harm to it. He stressed that the Maltese population is making a choice based on facts.He explained that the final stages of vote counting are upon us, and soon the official candidates will be announced.WhatsApplast_img read more