How To Ensure 2016 Is Better Than 2015

first_imgThe difference between your results in 2016 and 2015 is going to be made up of only one thing: what you are willing to change. Without making changes, you will simply repeat last year (which is likely a repeat of the year before, at least in some area of your life).What Are You Willing to Change?My friend Lahat asked me what I meant when I wrote about identifying someone else’s beliefs and adopting them as your own.Your beliefs are the seeds of your results in every area of your life. Most of us have self-limiting beliefs. These beliefs act as a sort of governor on our results. If you look at people who are succeeding in producing a result that you want, the first thing to do is to understand what they believe and adopt those beliefs as your own.If someone has the career you want, study what they believed about their work and their purpose.If someone has the income that you want, study their beliefs about money.If someone has a level of physical fitness or physique that you want, find out what they believe and adopt those beliefs.If someone is the leader you want to be, study what they believe about leadership.Most of us feel warm and comfortable in our long-held beliefs. We resist trying on new beliefs because they make us uncomfortable. We are especially uncomfortable with the actions that new beliefs require of us.If you haven’t changed some long-held belief, you haven’t grown. This unwillingness to shed old, limiting beliefs is how we get stuck.Changing your beliefs is the first step to producing better results. Without changing your beliefs, you won’t do what is necessary to produce the results you want, namely, changing your actions.Act Now. Before It’s Too Late.New beliefs require new actions. If you are not taking new actions, then you haven’t changed your beliefs. You’re simply mouthing the words.If you believe that your health is the foundation of all of your results, then your actions will provide evidence of that belief. You’ll sleep 7 or 8 hours, eat right, drink water, exercise, and do something to relieve stress. Some people believe they don’t have time for these things, others believe they don’t have time not to do these things.If you believe you should make more money, this belief will be visible to anyone who watches what you do. You’ll change what you are doing at work, change the work you do, or take on other work. Some people believe their income is limited to what someone is willing to pay them. Other people believe that no one controls their income; they believe they control it themselves.Do The Work NowWhat are the beliefs that you hold that are holding you back? What is that you believe that prevents you from having a greater level of success in some area of your life?What new actions are going to be required of you, if your 2016 is going to be unrecognizable when compared to 2015?What are you going to have to be willing to change to have what you want?You can have any result you want, provided you are willing to pay for it in advance. What price are you willing to pay? Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Nowlast_img

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