Vijender packs more than a punch at youth session

first_imgVijender Singh”I wish I had grown up listening to the stories of the Ramayana,” author Aatish Taseer said on Saturday at the 10th India Today Conclave’s The Next Generation Workshop on ‘Ideas: My India, Our future’.Speaking on literature, he felt the past generations, with their unique multilingualism, had an inherent advantage. “In my time, we were reduced to English and our own past was almost a thing of contempt.”  Summing up his idea for the future, he said, “Indians need to be more rooted, more aware of their rich past, if they are to strive for a higher idea of civilisation.”Bajaj Finserv managing director Sanjiv Bajaj said he had three dreams for the future India-equal opportunity to work for all, a corruption-free India and a safe and secure country. He also said that Indian youth must cultivate the pursuit of excellence, integrity of thought and fearlessness in their behaviour. Anurag Thakur, chief of Bharatiya Janata Party youth wing and Lok Sabha MP, said that the benefits of a rising GDP and higher growth rates had not percolated to the common man. Sonakshi SinhaHe said that India had progressed in many fields since Independence but 42 per cent of children and 70 per cent of women were still anaemic and 17,000 farmers committed suicides in the last few years. Anurag said that things can be changed but for that, “the youth will have to participate in the vision of India”. Referring to the violence in Jammu and Kashmir and the North-East, he said that the future of India depended on how people from this region could be integrated in the nation-building process so that they began to feel like a part of the country.Director Imtiaz Ali spoke on how society could be categorized into classes earlier but now every individual was a class by himself/herself. “There has been such an explosion of awareness through the media and the Internet that people have begun to think much more than they did,” he said.advertisementActor Sonakshi Sinha said that India’s biggest advantage was that it was a young nation demographically.  “But to utilise this advantage, education has to be a necessity and not an option especially for girls,” she said. Echoing Taseer, she said Indians needed to be proud of their language and culture instead of going ga-ga over everything Western.  “The youth needs to be more active in politics and they need to be given a chance too. Politics has to be a force that binds the country instead of breaking it. The ruling party and the opposition have to work together instead of trying to pull each other down,” she said.Criticising the media and the authorities, Olympic and Asian Games medalist-boxer Vijender Singh said, “We must care for other games such as hockey, boxing and tennis and not just cricket. There must be good stadiums and facilities for other sports as well.” He also emphasised on planned effort to achieve excellence in sports. He criticized the approach of media and said, “When the Olympics will be just two months away, only then everybody here will be asking for medals. In other times, they are busy with cricket.”last_img

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