DX reunites after 8 years to take down Brothers of Destruction at WWE Crown Jewel

first_imgWorld Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) most loved and experienced superstars turned back the clock to put on a super show at WWE Crown Jewel in Riyadh on Saturday.In a match that was hyped up because of the return of Shawn Michaels inside the ring over 8 and a half years, the other three veterans also did pretty well to entertain the crowd and make their moneys worth.Triple H, The Undertaker and Kane along with Michaels gave the Saudi crowd many moments to remember after a mostly dull night thus far.In the end however, D-Generation X (DX), who were reuniting for a competitive match after a long time, somehow managed to keep the Brothers of Destruction at bay and get the three-fall.It was always going to be difficult for Michaels to match up with the tempo of Undertaker and Kane…even HHH as all of them have been performing at house shows and even main events time and again. HBK on the other hand, hasn’t been inside the ring to wrestle since his retirement match versus Ric Flair at WrestleMania 26. He has always been in and around the ring and reunited with Triple H on several occasions but his time has been limited to promos strictly.But on Friday, a new-look bald HBK did show the one present why he is so special and called the showstopper after all.The match took its fair share of time to get going as four of the veterans got together to put on a show and not to forget the long, signature entrances that preceded.advertisementBut, the crowd was up for it before even started as chants of “This is awesome” resonated around the arena before the match started. Triple H and Kane kicked things off for their respective teams but Michaels was soon tagged in and the crowd started chanting “You still got it”. That led to Kane tagging The Undertaker and the Dead Man entered the ring in his usual slow way to built the tension as usual.And that is when it started going downhill for DX. Taker beat Michaels down and started working on his arm and set him up for an old-school but Triple H somehow saved him and that brought Kane back into the thick of things. Taker slammed Michaels into the corner and he flipped around like the old days and Triple H followed soon after Kane Irish-whipped him but HHH fell outside the ring — signature DX for everyone present.SO MUCH HISTORY in one ring…#DX @TripleH & @ShawnMichaels battle The #BrothersOfDestruction @KaneWWE & The #Undertaker at #WWECrownJewel! pic.twitter.com/fv3tby1qRjWWE (@WWE) November 2, 2018But Michaels showed immense will power and came back into the match and threw in some signature moves. He kicked up, hit and elbow off the top rope on Kane and tuned the band of course for a ‘Sweet Chin Music’ but his time was up for then as Kane reversed it into a ‘Chokeslam’.Following that, the action went outside the ring and Taker cleared out both the announce tables after a little melee as he looked to tombstone Michaels on one of them but that was stopped by Michaels’s partner but only to be ‘Chokeslammed’ through one of the tables and that took Hunter out of the match for the longest of times.THERE GOES THE GAME!#WWECrownJewel @KaneWWE @TripleH pic.twitter.com/zHCJZKGy3NWWE (@WWE) November 2, 2018Following that, HBK was all on his own as Triple H was attended by medics ringside. Michaels however, didn’t lose heart and tried to fight back. He sent Undertaker into the ring post and got back into the ring. Michaels and Kane then battled it out to go to the top rope and during the course, a Michaels blow led to Kane’s mask coming off.And, then came the moment the people of Saudi Arabia will forever remember. Michaels performed a moonsault from the top rope to take down both his opponents outside the ring and that led to a huge cheer.By that time, Triple H was back in the ring and Kane put his mask back on and the action resumed inside the ring.Taker took the tag but was greeted with a ‘Pedigree’ despite Kane trying to stop him. Triple H then sent Kane outside but was caught by Taker in a ‘Hell’s Gate’ submission move. Kane then came back but Michaels hit him with a ‘Sweet Chin Music’ and he landed on top of Taker and broke the hold.advertisementBut the momentum again shifted towards the brothers and they were set for a double ‘Tombstone’ but Michaels managed to escape by putting a thumb on Kane’s eyes and Triple H managed to escape Undertaker’s hold and then hit a clueless Kane with a ‘Pedigree’ and Michaels nailed his finisher yet again to get the three-count and win the match.MISSION COMPLETE for #DX!#WWECrownJewel @TripleH @ShawnMichaels pic.twitter.com/jQNUlN0aO7WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) November 2, 2018EXCLUSIVE: After an incredible night at #WWECrownJewel, @ShawnMichaels is ready to return to his “regular life.” pic.twitter.com/7iHpHNTXJ1WWE (@WWE) November 2, 2018After the match, both Michaels and Triple H were seen resting in the corner of the ring. All four put on a great show but Michaels’s comeback will be one to remember for the wrestling fans.last_img

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