The King Asked Me to Ensure Transparency of Elections Minister

Marrakech- What matters the most in the upcoming Moroccan elections is credibility and transparency, and that the elections reflect the policy of the country, Mohammed Hassad, Minister of Interior, said on Friday in Rabat.During a discussion of the Interior Ministry’s budget within at the upper house of parliament, the Minister underlined that respecting the agenda and credibility of the upcoming elections is one King Mohammed VI’s top priorities.Hassad said he has received instructions from the king to make sure that the elections are held in transparency. The Minister highlighted the judiciary’s decision to repeat some district elections in the past, such as the elections in Moulay Yakoub, near Fez, which were repeated four times, to ensure transparency in elections and the respect of democratic rules Hassad said that territorial administration officials were given strict instructions to conduct the elections in good conditions, and to not favor any political partyDuring a meeting of the Interior Committee, Hassad promised that authorities would ensure election transparency by following up on complaints with the courts. He also called on political parties to submit documented evidence of electoral violations, discouraging them from merely issuing accusations without arguments.Edited by Timothy Filla