Floods kill two and destroy scores of homes in southern Sudan –

27 July 2010Heavy rain in southern Sudan’s Jonglei state has caused floods that have killed two people and destroyed more than 130 homes during the past 10 days, a United Nations agency has reported, saying that those affected are in need of shelter material, food and drinking water. The most affected area is Akobo county, where three schools badly damaged by the floods are in urgent need of reconstruction and two others will require renovation, according to a situation report issued yesterday by the UN World Food Programme (WFP) and its aid partners. “It is expected that these floods will continue until early September based on the frequency of the rains, which means there will be more displacement and ruining of the harvest,” according to the report. The humanitarian team in southern Sudan will continuously monitor the situation for signs of disease outbreaks because floods can create unhealthy living conditions.