Samsungs 55inch OLED TV will be 9000

first_imgOLED displays have been on most geeks’ wishlists for years. They have been right around the corner for about a decade now, and for the past year or two they have been stuck on our MP3 players, mobile phones, and cameras, never making it much past that 4-inch mark. That is, unless you wanted to spend a small fortunate on something like Sony’s famous XEL-1 11-Inch OLED television.Samsung has some good news and some bad news for all you home theater fans. The good news first: Reasonably-sized OLED televisions are finally going into production and will be available to consumers. And the bad news: That small fortunate an OLED TV would once cost you has grown along with the televisions. Samsung’s upcoming ES9500, the company’s 55-inch OLED HDTV, will reportedly cost $9000 when it’s made available this summer.Aside from being a nice size (if your apartment is big enough) and having what must be a brilliant picture, the ES9500 has some nice features as well. Of course it’s 3D-ready, but it’s also capable of dual-channel 2D watching. So two people, both of whom are wearing 3D glasses, can watch different televisions programs in 2D at the same time. Samsung must have figured out the audio situation for this technology, which is known as Smart Dual View, but it’s doable. For example, maybe one person would get the headphone jack and another would get the speakers, or a wireless solution could be integrated, possibly Bluetooth, if Samsung wants to get clever with it.At this point a release outside of South Korea has yet to be confirmed, but with an expected 2H2012 release timing, we should know more before long. Just to be safe, you’ll probably want to start saving now.More at Samsung via Engadgetlast_img