Xbox SmartGlass available free for iOS devices today

first_imgFor those who have been waiting to try out Xbox SmartGlass on your iPhone or iPad, today is the day as the app is now free for devices running iOS 5.0 and higher. There’s no native support for iPhone 5 yet, though.The SmartGlass app replaces the Xbox Companion app on iOS and will allow you to control your Xbox 360 Best Price at Amazon in a variety of ways. If you’re watching a movie or TV Show on your way home from work and want to keep watching it once you arrive, you can simply touch a button on your mobile device and send it to your Xbox. Your Xbox will then continue the movie from where you left off as well as showing info about the actors, etc on your phone. You can do a similar thing with music if you’d prefer to listen to your favorite tracks through TV speakers or surround sound system.The same two-screen system can be used if you’re looking up something on the Internet on your mobile and want to see it on a big screen. Simply tap a button to send it to your Xbox then continue scrolling the page using your phone or tablet as the controller. The touchscreen controls remain the same even though you’re looking at the page on your TV.You can bet that more and more interactive possibilities will be added to SmartGlass over time. Whether you think it’s useful or just a gimmick, you can’t really complain as the entire service is free. The lack of iPhone 5 support is really suprising, but surely wont remain the case for very long.If you’d like to know more about Xbox SmartGlass, check out our guide to what it is and what it can do.Get it at iTunes, via Joystiqlast_img