Include Modern Greek

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The teaching of Modern Greek in Australia is at a critical junction as the Greek community waits to see if it will be included in the new national schools curriculum being developed by the Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority (ACARA). There is significant concern that Modern Greek may not be included in the National Schools Curriculum, particularly as the emphasis shifts to Asian languages in view of Australian geopolitical and demographic realities.At the same time, given the impact of the Greek community on Australia’s economic, social and cultural landscape and evidence that learning the Greek language enhances science, historical and language skills, Neos Kosmos believes that it should be included in the National Schools Curriculum. As part of a wider effort to this end there have been initiatives and actions by various Greek Australian politicians, groups and organisations.However, securing the Modern Greek language’s place on the national curriculum needs the support of the broader Greek Australian community. Neos Kosmos is heading a campaign to have Modern Greek included into the national schools curriculum and we are asking readers to sign the relevant petition.This petition is addressed to the Speaker and the Members of the House of Representatives and draws to their attention the importance of including Modern Greek in the National Schools Curriculum as a language of cultural, community, historical and economic importance to Australia as a whole. Neos Kosmos has always been at the forefront of campaigns promoting issues of importance to Greek Australians and Hellenism. Naturally our newspaper will spearhead the campaign for the preservation and promotion of our language. We urge all our readers as well as their friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbours to sign this petition. Neos Kosmos will continue its coverage on the topic through reports and editorials over the next four weeks.last_img