The Godzilla Animated Movie Gets New Art More Plot Details

first_imgStay on target 【AJ2017まであと10日】いよいよ新情報発表まで10日を切りました!カウントダウン企画第3弾は再び「コンセプトアート」です。アニメジャパンまで少しづつ映画の世界観をお伝えしていきます。引き続き、劇場公開映画『GODZILLA』の新着情報をお楽しみに!#anigodzi— アニメーション映画『GODZILLA』 (@GODZILLA_ANIME) March 16, 2017 そして、これまで明かされなかったストーリーの一部が公開!舞台は<二万年後の地球>です。人類とゴジラの因縁を描く壮大な世界観になっています!そして、<地球>である「怪獣惑星」に降り立った青年の名はハルオ。物語の展開のにご期待ください!— アニメーション映画『GODZILLA』 (@GODZILLA_ANIME) March 24, 2017The movie even has a poster now, which looks much more like a space opera than a Godzilla movie. Watch These Movies Before ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’Toy Tuesday: The Best Funko Pops center_img Toho’s first animated Godzilla movie, the studio’s 30th about the monster, won’t arrive in American Netflix cues until later this year. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait that long to learn what Godzilla: Monster Planet will be about. A full translation of the film’s synopsis was posted to SlashFilm, and it sounds like they’re taking Godzilla to some exciting new places.The film will begin at the end of the 20th century when humans discover the existence of Kaiju, along with the king of them all, Godzilla. After 50 years of war with the giant monsters, humanity is forced to abandon Earth and search for a new home. The planet they land on turns out to be inhospitable, and a smaller group is sent to return to Earth. Since they can only survive the trip back by traveling through hyperspace, they return to Earth 20,000 years later. The Kaiju control everything, and Godzilla rules all. The story will follow one of the members of the return crew named Haruo. He saw Godzilla kill his parents as a 4-year-old and has wanted revenge ever since.Just take a second to digest all of that. That’s why this movie needed to be animated. It’s completely unlike even Toho’s other Godzilla films. It may not be impossible to tell that story as a live-action movie, but getting the budget to do it properly would be. It’s also exciting to think we’re getting original, complex science fiction in a movie this year. We have space and time travel, a world ruled by kaiju and a personal revenge story. That sounds like a great sci-fi film even for those who typically avoid the giant monster movies. That story is in good hands, too. It’s being directed by Kobun Shizuno of Detective Conan/Case Closed fame, and Hiroyuki Seshita of Ajin and Knights of Sidonia.It’s still too early for clips from the movie to have surfaced, but the concept art sure looks great. 「ティザービジュアル第2弾」解禁!スキンスーツをまとった一人の青年がこちらに向かってくる姿と、その背後には着陸しようとする複数の宇宙船と編隊を組む機体が、さらに地上には二足歩行ロボットやバイクのような形状をした兵器も描かれています。舞い降りたこの星はーーー。#anigodzi— アニメーション映画『GODZILLA』 (@GODZILLA_ANIME) March 24, 2017Godzilla: Monster Planet will premiere in Japan in November, and be released internationally on Netflix sometime after that.last_img