The Punisher Has a Release Date Daredevil is Fine and More from

center_img It’s been a strange road getting here, but we finally have a release date for Marvel’s next Netflix series, The Punisher. In trailer after trailer, the studio coyly refused to tell us when the show was coming out. It even went so far as to present a “redacted” release date in the last few trailers for the show. It got to the point where I was convinced that the series would just drop unannounced on Netflix. That way, the show would sneak up on us just like Frank Castle does to his enemies. That didn’t turn out to be the case. The Punisher has a final trailer, with an official release date and everything.It’s a pretty great trailer, even if it doesn’t tell us too much about the story. It doesn’t appear to connect to the rest of the Marvel Netflix shows the way the others did. It was probably never going to. This show was only added to the roster after Jon Bernthal’s performance was such a hit with fans in Daredevil season two. The only connection to the other shows appears to be Karen Page. We see a brief glimpse of The Punisher’s origin, which appears to be tweaked into a military conspiracy story. We’ll see how that plays out, but adding intent to the murder of Castle’s family doesn’t have the best history. If the murder can be traced back to one bad guy, it gives Castle an end goal. The point of his character is that he doesn’t have one. His family was killed by “crime.” Since there will always be criminals, his crusade will never end. It’s an important part of his character, and it’s why he keeps killing people (or trying to) despite every superhero in New York telling him to cool it.It’s entirely possible that the show will handle the change well. Maybe avenging his family will reveal deeper injustices that give him a reason to keep going. Maybe he won’t be able to avenge his family at all. Or maybe his family’s murder isn’t quite as connected as this trailer makes it out to be. We don’t know yet because there isn’t a whole lot to go on in this trailer. It may not end up mattering, because the trailer still delivers exactly what Punisher fans have wanted from a live-action adaptation since they were first disappointed by Dolph Lundgren. There’s plenty of action on display here, and if the direction is anything close to what we’ve seen from Daredevil, we could be in for some spectacular, brutal fights.The Punisher arrives on Netflix November 17, 2017.It’s not the only Marvel Netflix series we’re looking forward to though. Daredevil’s third season is on its way, despite the hero having apparently died at the end of The Defenders. We all knew that wasn’t going to stick, but the show’s Twitter account made it clear. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is coming back. Stay on targetlast_img