All Six NESEra Mega Man Games Coming to Mobile Next Year

first_img ‘God Eater 3’ on Switch Brings Franchise Back to Its Roots‘Devil May Cry 5’s’ Kylo Ren Mod Is Angst Overload Stay on target With the success of Super Mario Run, it is clear that mobile gamers love to play games with characters they remember from their childhood. One of the biggest stars on the Nintendo Entertainment System was Mega Man. The Blue Bomber has had his games released on a multitude of systems over the years but, for whatever reason, never on mobile devices. Capcom is fixing this error next year when it will finally bring the original six Mega Man games to iOS and Android.According to Famitsu (with translation by Rockman Corner), all six classic NES-era Mega Man games will be heading to mobile devices on January 6, 2017. Each game will be sold separately and feature beginner-friendly gameplay options, auto-fire, auto-charge, and adjustable game speeds. On top of that, each game can be synced with the Rockman Unity app, which is a news-feed of Rockman Unity in app form. After completing certain missions in the games, players will be able to unlock monthly rewards like exclusive lock screen wallpapers.The feature that should stand out the most for players is the one that makes the games easier. Nintendo games, in general, were always brutally challenging but the Mega Man games, in particular, are notorious for being excessively complicated. It can be argued that the reason Mega Man 2 is the most popular game in the series because it had a relatively easy “Normal” mode. Having an option that makes the games easier to play through should make them more accessible to a wider audience.For now, the mobile Mega Man games will only be available in Japan (where the series is called Rockman). However, given how popular Mega Man is in the West, I think it is safe to say that we’ll eventually see these game wash up on our mobile shores. When that happens, we’ll let you all know.last_img