This week on Packt Hub – 4 May 2018

first_imgMay’s opened with a bang! Plenty of big announcements and major new releases in Web (Angular 6, Node 10, Flask 1.0), programming (Scala 3) and data science (PyTorch 1.0, Neo4j 3.4 among others). Also, read our coverage of key conferences that happened this week: Facebook’s F8, Angular’s ng-conf and KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe in our tech news section this week. Tutorials this week are all about building bots and apps from a JavaScript foodie bot, to a Kotlin weather app to an interactive Twilio chatbot. Also learn all about Angular pipes, JavaScript design patterns, creating multithreaded apps in Qt, lighting, and effects in Unity 2018 and more in this week’s tutorials. In this week’s tech insights, we focus on trends in digital forensics such as IoT forensics and take a closer look at serverless computing. Learn why 2018 is the year of graph databases, why Kotlin is better than Java and more. Without further ado, here’s what you may have missed in the last 7 days – Tech news, insights and tutorials… Tech news Tech conferences this week Facebook’s F8 Conference – 5 key announcements [Editor’s Pick] ng-conf 2018 highlights, the popular angular conference Big vendor announcements at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe Data news in depth Swift for TensorFlow is now open source [Editor’s Pick] Can a production-ready Pytorch 1.0 give TensorFlow a tough time? [Editor’s Pick] Thanks to DeepCode, AI can help you write cleaner code Splunk leverages AI in its monitoring tools Neo4j 3.4 aims to make connected data even more accessible Development & programming news in depth Angular 6 is here packed with exciting new features! [Editor’s Pick] Node 10.0.0 released, packed with exciting new features [Editor’s Pick] Flask 1.0 is here: updates and improvements What Scala 3.0 Roadmap looks like! [Editor’s Pick] npm v6 is out! Oculus Go, the first stand-alone VR headset arrives! Someone made a program to make it look like you’re typing on Slack when someone else is Cloud & networking news in depth Introducing Azure Sphere – A secure way of running your Internet of Things devices Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs publicly available in beta on Google Compute Engine and Kubernetes Engine Tutorials Data tutorials How to create multithreaded applications in Qt [Editor’s Pick] Implementing Automation Process with Salesforce CRM Build a custom Admin Home page in Salesforce CRM Lightning Experience Development & programming tutorials Web development tutorials 8 built-in Angular Pipes in Angular 4 that you should know [Editor’s Pick] Using Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) to create an SNS topic Build a foodie (restaurant recommendation) bot with JavaScript How to build a weather app using Kotlin for JavaScript [Editor’s Pick] Building a two-way interactive chatbot with Twilio: A step-by-step guide Game and Mobile development tutorials How Android app developers can convert iPhone apps Implementing lighting & camera effects in Unity 2018 Programming tutorials Implementing 5 Common Design Patterns in JavaScript (ES8) Seven wrongs don’t make the one right: Solving a problem with Functional Javascript [Editor’s Pick] How to call an Azure function from an ASP.NET Core MVC application Other Tutorials How to build a sensor application to measure Ambient Light [Editor’s Pick] Amazon S3 Security access and policies This week’s opinions, analysis, and insights Learn all about MYSQL performance benchmarks, what is active learning, what are hybrid apps, what is mob programming and more in this week’s insights. Data Insights 2018 is the year of graph databases. Here’s why. [Editor’s Pick] 12 most common MySQL errors you should be aware of ICLR 2018 Paper in Two minutes: Zero-Shot learning for Visual Imitation [Editor’s Pick] You can now make music with AI thanks to Magenta.js Development & Programming Insights 5 reasons to choose Kotlin over Java 5 reasons you should learn to code Other Insights Tech hype cycles: do they deserve your attention? IoT Forensics: Security in an always-connected world where things talk [Editor’s Pick] What is Digital Forensics? Should you go with Arduino Uno or Raspberry Pi 3 for your next IoT project Align your product experience strategy with business needs Serverless computing wars: AWS Lambdas vs Azure Functions Missed what happened in April? Here’s a quick Recap. Last week on Packt Hub – 27 April 2018 See discussions around GDPR, major updates for Tableau 2018.1, MySQL 8, Bootstrap 4.1 and Salesforce spring 18 in tech news this week. See why Hadoop is dying, learn about Mob programming, Hybrid apps, Progressive web apps, and more from this week’s insights. Build an ARCore app in Android, learn advanced Rust programming, see how data scientists test hypothesis, and more in this week’s tutorials. That week on Packt Hub – 20 April 2018 That week on Packt Hub – 13 April 2018 That Week on Packt Hub – 6 April  2018last_img