By FFWPU Congo Achille Kevany Mouanda The Family

first_imgBy FFWPU Congo, Achille Kevany Mouanda: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Congo may have a future if and only if our young children survive. The future of our FFWPU and success or failure of the 2020 vision and the providence of God our Heavenly Parent depends on our interest and education of these young people.Thus, in Brazzaville, capital of Congo, the Pure Love Movement (PLM) organized a 7 day seminar for blessed and Jacob children (total 61 participants) from September 23 – 29, 2015 in the grounds of the private school Anne- Benoite at Diata, one of the district of the 1st district Makélékélé.The seminar was guided by Mrs. Carine BINTOU, President of the Pure Love Movement (PLM) and Mr. Achille Mouanda, Secretary General of the FFWPU Congo and Vice President of PLM under the theme: “Education of Youth today for tomorrow’s world. ”Children received lessons from several speakers on the Divine Principle, tradition, Pure Love, True Parents life, the value of the blessing, the importance of youth, Cheongpyeong etc. They followed the videos of the week of activities of Our True Mother where it expresses His love for children.Children repented and promised to make the dream of the True Parents and their dreams to study hard in order to be good leaders.The Secretary General of FFWPU, Mr. Achille Mouanda who guided the meetings of Hoon Dok Hae said to participants: “Do not forget who you are. You are precious in the eyes of the Heavenly Parent and the True Parents. You are the future leaders of tomorrow and this is the time to lay the foundations for tomorrow’s world by focusing on the True Parents. ”At the end, all the participants thanked the Special Envoy Rev. PARK SHANG SEON, the FFWPU President and all their parents who have supported during the seminar.last_img