By WFWP Haiti On March 6th 2016 in the Nippe Pre

first_imgBy WFWP Haiti: On March 6th, 2016 in the Nippe Prefecture of Haiti, the International Women’s Day organized by the NGO organization. The mayors and chairman of women’s organizations, government officials, including the First Lady and the local women leaders, all together about 600 people participated.The WFWP-Haiti also was invited to this event. During the event WFWP Haiti was praised for all the achievements that are contributing to society through daily literacy classes and educational seminars. Also we were awarded a certificate of appreciation from the NGO organization.In addition, as part of the program, we had the opportunity to introduce True Parents and explain about their activities through Women’s Federation for World Peace. And then we awarded the First Lady with a certificate of Ambassador for Peace which was offered by the President of WFWP-Haiti..First Lady was very pleased and showed her interest in our activities by eagerly asking about WFWP at the end of the event.On March 8, WFWP-Haiti celebrated the International Women’s day in the capital Port-au-Prince with the participation of 120 women leaders and the students of literacy classes that WFWP-Japan is supporting.In this event we introduced about the literacy classes organized by WFWP-Haiti. And then Mrs. Fujiko Paul, President of WFWP-Haiti spoke about the position and role of women.A representative of students who couldn’t read and write before, read a letter of appreciation for Women’s Federation for World Peace, announced the results learned in the literacy classes.An student who was shedding tears said “I was blind and was not able to read anything, but now after joining literacy class, life has changed dramatically thanks to WFWP”.Finally, four people was chosen to receive a special gift of rechargeable lantern solar. This was supported by foreign church members which for Haitian People who cannot study at night due to failure of electricity. Women who received the lanthanum, vowed with a smile saying that they will do their best to practice reading and writing.last_img