by Susan Kone FFWPU Kenya A Divine Principle semi

first_imgby Susan Kone, FFWPU KenyaA Divine Principle seminar for Bishops and Pastors was held in the Kayole DC`s office, at the Social Hall on the 10th of June 2017.The guests were all leaders of different churches from around Kayole, who are members of the Kayole Bishops and Pastors Network.  The Lectures included the Divine Principle, True Family Values and Blessing Lectures. The reaction of the church leaders was deep appreciation for the message and especially the True family values lectures which gives hope on how to resolve the challenges which all families are facing without exception.During the question and answer session, they raised many questions on how to resolve the Youth crisis  and they expressed their desire to attend more programs so that they can understand deeply the Divine Principle and receive more knowledge of the True Family Values. They also requested that the same seminars to be held in their own churches so that their church members can benefit from the teachings.After the blessing lecture 6 couples of the Bishops and pastors received the blessing and were very happy to have a new beginning in their marriage.Many of whom did not attend with their spouses regretted a lot and vowed to bring their spouses in other seminars so that they can also receive the blessing.Seminar ended in high spirits with worship and deep prayers of repentance and gratitude.last_img