RONG Wen Shanghai dragon Er hospital is a good choice

four, okay,

network company is quite small compared to the treatment can be, I think can get 2500 in the network company (one level) is a very difficult thing, really small companies can not afford to open such a high salary. Now, a small company can survive well! And the hospital a light almost 3000 editor. Other job I do not say you probably have a bottom. A small Internet company to pay when the boss will want you to complain, said some companies.

our hospital almost every time someone will come to the interview (maybe we are the new Department, more recruit people from their reasons), I heard the dialogue is the basic question: where were you doing? Is the reason for leaving?… If I give you a new (domain name is new), you will from which to make up words?… What is the expected salary? PS: diploma is little, the experience and ability is more important than diploma. RONG Wen is an example of a diploma is not effective, Shanghai dragon er must have confidence in ourselves. Now the hospital competition is also growing, more and more hospitals began to pay attention to the network marketing this last, send a resume, one day received a series of 5 hospitals, telephone interviews, and treatment are passable.

to the hospital I found the Internet industry and also a special editor of this occupation, previous editors are doing their own. Find some articles they edit is to peer in the website, and then a simple change was released, the funny thing is: sometimes the editor of the peer link to add, there are pictures directly from peer station. The Commissioner of the chain link and specialist is not to mention (not the same), there is little technical content is also head of the position of Shanghai dragon, but Shanghai Longfeng things out of the question, in charge of looking for you, I am the one of the "victims". While other staff pressure is much smaller, basically a week are rare to see a few times in charge of work to the work diary, hair on the line, some groups even work diary without hair.

three, the job is simple, the pressure is not

remember when working in that company last year Zizhuqiao, one day was responsible for more than 30 stations, all you have to work site optimization alone, including: the title, description modification, keyword density, chain, chain etc….. 8 in the morning to the evening of 6, a break of 1 hours, one day down, sore eyes straight away tears. The most hateful is paid only 3K with the weekend. Compared with the above, the clear division of the hospital, a working group responsible for the 2 sites, with a staff editor, chain link, specialist, Shanghai dragon group, a group of less than 4, 5 people, dozens of people more. Anyway, the workload is fixed, so the work is relatively easier.

two, a clear division of labor, work easily

wage stabilization treatment

, a large market demand, low interview card

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