Love love Shanghai Shanghai statistics included data is updated once a day value

took several site management social sharing tools are replaced with baidushare yesterday, traffic statistics tool also replaced all love Shanghai statistics, because with the use of a statistical tool, in view traffic more convenient; the second is for personal use has been recognized for love’s sea things to improve the love of Shanghai is helpful for friendly site. Even if there is no help, love Shanghai statistical tools of Shanghai Longfeng recommendations, search word ranking, with sea included the amount of query tool is very useful for the one and only. One might argue that that love the sea, the amount included in their inquiries to site about it, how can it be said that it is the one and only, but in fact, here is the real love of Shanghai that included the amount of this data, in addition to love Shanghai, any other query tools are not available. Of course, if the site is based on Discuz! X27.2X1.5 establishment, traffic statistics tool Tencent has the advantage of more convenient, richly endowed by nature, but more powerful. Of course, cnzz, 51yes, quantum Hang Road are good traffic statistical tools, the basic functions are the same, we can according to their own preferences and needs.

well, so much more than that in order to elicit the topic today. In accordance with the usual open afternoon visits to love Shanghai statistics show website, a pop-up box said: "February 29, 2012, love Shanghai included the amount of data updated once a day, still maintain the original state of historical data." Used to love Shanghai statistics webmaster friends will know that before this tool is about updated weekly, updated four times a month, such as 2012 of January and February, is updated four times a month. So now updated once a day, for the love of Shanghai using statistical tools webmaster friends, what is it worth? For all the webmaster friends, it conveys what information? In this paper, the author analyzes the professional pretend.

second, love Shanghai love Shanghai statistics included data is updated once a day, can more clearly grasp the sea close love >

first, love love Shanghai Shanghai statistics included data is updated once a day, a great help for search engine optimization security situation timely attention to their website webmaster friends. The so-called search engine optimization safety refers to the website in Shanghai do dragon, the change of the height of search engine to give the weights of the website is showing the adverse factors on the website. As everyone knows, the most miserable little website is in love with the sea K station, a miserable time was plucking, these two children are related to the website of the amount collected. Now, love Shanghai included data to updated once a day, the webmaster friends can timely according to the change of data is included to determine the site search engine optimization security situation. In this case, as soon as possible, the day naturally has great advantages than a week, early detection and early treatment, in order to do search engine optimization more at ease.

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