Site site title description does not normally solve record

fourth: robots set up, increase the intensity of the chain, and the past two weeks, the title still not normal, but the title is automatically changed again, this time in tears, not jump, not the server, not robots, what is the reason? Net check group ask Google, contrast, found to change after robots Google included normal, but the love of Shanghai is not normal, so in love Shanghai, start from the following three aspects:


the first time: about a week later, is still the site, realized that the situation is serious, the website file body check a times, did not find the jump. So the exclusion site is horse jump factor, continue to do the chain.

second: and two weeks later, the title changed, become Qingdao’s enrichment of office furniture, but still no point blank, snapshot, Google search results also like this. All of a sudden panic, because the site itself was ruled out in front of the jump, so to realize the server problem, check the server with other anti sites, some stations ranked in the home, so they exclude the server problem, continue to do the chain.

1 good love Shanghai, love is at the bottom of the site and Shanghai statistics, as a gesture of friendship. (according to moon Shanghai Longfeng Research Center statistics, and Statistics website spider love Shanghai interview will raise 30%

third: back to the past two weeks, this website has maintained a snapshot of the next day, but is not long, the title description is still not normal, because of fear of problems, the chain has been artificially registered steady growth, is really annoying. In this station the night, taking into account the robots guide to the spider is feasible, the second day early in the morning to open the robots dumbfounded, more than a month, robots is banned spider crawling, quickly solve the robots problem. (in fact, this problem occurs in two stations, are on the same robots ban caused, so to solve the problem of second weeks, another station is normal, the results were as follows:

2: Shanghai does not reflect on their love to grab is not included, is not the site itself, site navigation has been FLA>

station is the old name, although the website and over time, but did not find the right down phenomenon, so direct website back online, on-line after the first snapshot update is only the URL, any other information is not displayed, then did not care too much, see is a snapshot of the next day, that is down the right, so to increase the construction of the chain.


many webmaster friends come across this situation, site+ domain name, the result is not normal, not their title site title, no description. And what is more, the title of a period of time a change here, specially take their stand for example, want to grow and friends together to witness the process of solving this problem, the results are as follows: Shanghai love site

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