Confusion and opportunity of informatization construction in commercial enterprisesRecruitment, trai

in April this year, Hi2000 launched the industry website based on " business website, " " business " industry website alliance as the foundation, creating a unique " small portal + " alliance; mode, caused widespread concern. Hi2000 official machine expert


it is reported that the end user machinery industry in the vast majority of enterprises, and many other industries cross strong, these are natural favorable conditions for the development of B2B electronic commerce.

Sun Deliang confirmed 29, Hi2000 board decided to share 20% of the shares, the official machine expert. This is Hi2000 since June this year, successfully Chinese clothing network into its " business; " after the first equity participation in the further development of industry website, Hi2000 is following the listing in Shenzhen A stock market last year became the first network shares, launched another important step to build its 100 similar China chemical network the industry website plan.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

Hi2000 chairman Sun Deliang recently revealed that the " business; " has launched the " " program; entrepreneurial team; training, recruiting a number of industry website manager, fully involved in the comprehensive B2B inter enterprise business market.

1. Commercial enterprise information construction of the status quo

with the expansion of the scale of chain operation, the informatization construction of enterprise management, especially the informatization construction of business logistics management, all levels of managers’ attention, the computer as an effective management tool, in the chain operation process, has played an increasingly important role. Chain enterprises not hesitate to spend huge sums of money to carry out informatization construction, so as to set up the enterprise IT a broad market space.

however present situation of commercial enterprise logistics management informatization construction, very worrying. A common phenomenon is that the implementation of the information system is very painful, and the life cycle is too short, not more than two years, the information system can not meet the requirements of enterprises, forcing enterprises to re invest, update the system. The fact that we see is that many enterprises in the construction of information on repeated investment many times, after several failures.

so, now the computer circles spread the word is "the long winter spring management software, I do not know when to".

two. Characteristics of informatization construction of commercial enterprises

The basic characteristics of

personalization: different enterprises have different management methods; "

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