Summarize the experience of external links

second: Q & a link. In the four key recommendation of high quality address: Shanghai love quiz quiz, search Q & A, YAHOO knowledge hall, Qihoo ask.


many owners often ask a question: just online website don’t have enough weight to exchange good Links, but did not have enough money to buy a link, the more external links do? This article will tell you how efficient the construction site of the external links.

The construction of

fourth: BBS signature. This is a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Note that the first check the source code, can see the site generally can safely do signature in the source code. Otherwise, some BBS shielding, do not effect. Common webmasters to post replies. Just want to leave a lot of signature is the chain. This effect is more and more weak, but the most widely used.

fifth: Chinese classification information. The fair, 58 city, people classified information station, the weight is high, included fast, can go up post, can not only bring the chain, also can bring target customers.

third, space blog. Go to love Shanghai, NetEase, Sina, Hexun, mop贵族宝贝, Tianya, here on time to write the article, previous articles do not take the link, the main train weight is given priority to, will bring the link until write half a month later, the best is original, at least to the original artifacts. This article not only are collected, but also to link to the station in the article. Don’t underestimate, long-term is to give good weight transfer.

Links is not difficult, think more analysis is not difficult to find the answers. In our webmaster nets, BBS signature, blogs and QQ space, and even micro-blog can be used as external links. But before doing, may wish to study competitors, or do the hard after the discovery of some shielding, not a pity. After studying more every day to do much to planning, insist for a long time will Many a little make a mickle. Below I said his methods of access to external links, for reference only.

sixth, link platform. I believe the link platform >

: the first. I believe we all understand the role of article. Soft Wen should be of high quality articles, should have readability, usability. And then in the article embedded in their products related content, because the usability, so a high quality of soft Wen will let the many websites, so the website links and product content will be transferred. Adsense often go to the station to A5 station network. It is often said that a good soft Wen is better than a thousand posts.

note: one is a large answer, insist for a long time. Several problems or reply alone three days fishing nets two days of drying is not enough. Cause qualitative change. The two is a registered account, ask and answer form, his answer adopted, we need to understand better the industry. The answer could bring enough professional links. After that there will be adopted by the website to gather questions and answers, there is a natural link.

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