Enterprises do not pin all five reasons in Shanghai Longfeng on ER

1 reasons: there is no

2 reasons: Shanghai dragon slow effect.


for advertising, Shanghai dragon effect is much slower. Although too many people claim that Shanghai dragon will enhance the natural ranking, so as to ensure the product image, authoritative, ranking stability, flow sources, but it is still more than a month or more after the matter, the wishes of customers is the site of an on-line, the keyword can row in the first position of the second love Shanghai. This auction can do only. Shanghai Longfeng rhythm that they do not understand, do not want to go to. Sometimes because the server is not stable and other accidents that greatly reduced the effect of Shanghai dragon, and Shanghai dragon this appears to save money actually delay the people to make money work do not pay attention to, so enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng wages are not high.

in the Internet industry and software industry, we will use such as registration, installation, views, clicks and other data that a project can even draw the rise and fall of trend, can also be some positive factors or news reports have a large number of short-term benefit of a product. However, in the search engine optimization in this industry, the webmaster see is ranking. Although some dinner on the flow of advertising portal, advertising station also need Shanghai dragon, but the Dragon Shanghai’s largest group of users is small and medium-sized enterprise owners. They need to sell their products through the search engine to let the user know and recognize, and reach the purpose of sales promotion network. If there is no ranking, the enterprise and the product cannot be found, so Shanghai Longfeng benefits is 0. There is no reason not to see any process, no transaction is equivalent to the total is useless.

love Shanghai and other search engines, let me do this four and a half years of Shanghai dragon Er have a lot to say today to talk about why advised us not to do a full-time Shanghai dragon.

since 2005 the Shanghai dragon industry was born, more and more people into the can benefit themselves or other owners of the industry. With the continuous improvement of Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology and talent to emerge, the search engine in order to "the man" technology to suppress these so-called "search engine operator". This let us in the process of Shanghai dragon on the website of the difficult problems encountered in a lot of fantastic, a lot of the time we can only wait for love, Shanghai search engine or the mercy of crazy, let go on the road to happiness health website.

effect will be zero.

3 reasons: the essence of Shanghai dragon is to save money for the company, not for the company to make money.

The relative

for this reason it is said to be’. Why? Or compared to love Shanghai auction. If a company by bidding to maintain customer, whether a site not mature, every click on it are the cost of. This down your website for one year will not have what weight, when love Shanghai bidding stops, your site will immediately disappear in the end of the search engine. As for Shanghai dragon to save company "

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