How do see the dress of Shanghai dragon optimization

the whole site look down Shanghai Longfeng factors is not much, really want to talk about the dress of Shanghai dragon optimization, you can see the following:

dress is a women’s clothing Taobao guest website, designed to provide clothing collocation, beauty knowledge and other aspects of the wonderful article for women, daily updates. Now love sea weight 6, Google PR5, daily PV reached 19800, the webmaster tools has 3043 keyword keyword thesaurus.

1, a very good use of robots files, the dress website rejected a lot of useless files in the robots directory, narrowing the search engine grab, to grab more efficient, but also focus on the site of the weight, the following is part of the interception:


overall, the dress do not often say that Shanghai Longfeng site layout, site structure planning, the entire layout is to show articles, the site also did not use the Keywords tag and description tag, H1 tags and canonical tags with less content, rarely in the chain, no BANNER, no site map, no the classification in detail, there is no bread crumbs navigation, many pictures ALT information is not filled, just do 404 simple and 301 page redirection and so on, this website is not a lot of Shanghai dragon traces and skills.


how do I see the dress of Shanghai dragon website optimization? The main navigation dress are home, picture wall, selection, classification of all, one foundation, selling t-shirts, very simple. The first 4 are displayed on the wall, but the picture is in the form of pictures, all is in the form of classification label, and one fund, selling t-shirts are directly to Taobao.

Taobao, the term I believe we are not unfamiliar, many webmaster use of Web site optimization to do Taobao customers. Now Taobao guest website very much, but not much money, really well done is less. The dress is a good Taobao guest website, now in love with the sea weight reached 6, has a large number of keywords ranking, there are so many flow into every day. The website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization do, how to do? Look at how I see the dress of Shanghai dragon optimization.

3, using the nofollow tag, the site uses lots of nofollow tags, tell the search engines do not track.

2, Taobao dress off site, not Taobao site navigation links, such as the one foundation, selling t-shirts and the content in the click to buy etc.. The dress is not directly with Taobao links, but these links into the site itself link.



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