Every day also is right down the original content also guilty plea

two: other web server with a virtual host is K

: the wrong friends of the chain, causes the network implicated

then I through the analysis of my friend’s website, just know, originally right down and in the tricky problems and website update, but in some other aspects, therefore, do a good job in the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, is not a simple content update, more important is to learn a comprehensive analysis of the website solve all kinds of loopholes, to optimize the Shanghai dragon website! I will write my analysis to share with you

! Through the analysis of


three: website too frequent


virtual host friends buy cheaper, and several public website of a virtual host, seems to save a lot of cost, but it is this petty, eventually suffer heavy losses, many owners because of less investment, so for the management of the site, but also according to the mood, good mood, is a bit more time, time is not good, that nature is ten days and a half months even open sites of interest are not, plus the security server itself is not high, soon by hackers implanted black links, resulting in such sites are like Shanghai K off, and this is the K website other sites in the same trench under naturally became implicated in the object, so this one, which causes the website of my friend is right down the


some time ago a friend said that their website is updated every day of the original, but also very regular updates, the content does not exist the problem of correlation, are in strict accordance with the relevant keywords website writing, arguably, this website will only weight slowly rising, there is absolutely no slowly decline sorrow, but unfortunately, my friend’s website, but in reality is down right, this is really let people remain perplexed despite much thought of things, maybe there are many webmaster friends will encounter similar problems I my friend, that is in strict accordance with the love of Shanghai search engine optimization guide to do site optimization, but still can not let the site grow steadily, sometimes motionless, even right down, how is this going on?

, know the friend website chain has twenty, logically speaking, the number of so many of the friends of the chain is very appropriate, weight can help website, what appeared chain drag? The main reason is that the algorithm is very love Shanghai valued people to class if you Birds of a feather flock together. principle, is a chain circle, which has a chain appears to be K or drop right, it will have several effects on you, this is the kind of guilt of the feudal society the idea of imitation algorithm developed by rules, although not reasonable, but also can play a good the role of my friend’s website, it is a chain which appeared to be K, which is implicated, become one of the reasons the site is down right


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