Forgotten by the people of Shanghai dragon root

said the first "chain". When you once again to the brain without the hair of the chain, do you know where so much of the chain? Chain function only two: increase the weight and site entrance. I don’t have a lot of weight, increase the weight of the way, what Links ah (of course, a derivative of Links essentially is the chain), optimization of website quality, but the increase is limited site entrance. But why should increase the site entrance? In fact, fundamentally speaking, just to make love Shanghai spider can better find your website content. The role of the chain is only one channel of the

!Then Since last year,

is "content". Everyone has the equal content and news. In my opinion, this is actually a misunderstanding. A spider crawling in Web crawl when we are actually the text of things. This is why we often say why we picture that you want to add the ALT attribute. Because the picture, spiders are unable to understand, only ALT attributes can explain the contents of the picture. Therefore, in my opinion, the main content should include two parts: product pages and news page (and other pages with text information). How to give the spider good experience is the purpose of "content is king". I believe that many senior webmaster have see web log habit. Not all the love of spiders in Shanghai come to your website is a good thing. Sometimes many webmaster would it have never been. Because it is IP 220.181.51.*, or 123.125.68.*, when these IP to your website more, you will find that your website is not far away from K.

online "content is king, the chain for emperor" such as the plague throughout the network, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er slowly began to be brainwashed. So the work of the Shanghai Longfeng metamorphism. The Shanghai dragon Er lost self, began to become a slave to the chain and the news. From the Internet, what "Shanghai dragon is the data analyst", "Shanghai dragon soon embarked on a stranger" argument prevailed. More and more Shanghai Longfeng Er to forget what is the root of Shanghai dragon, today I just give you the Shanghai dragon remind you forget the origin.

in my view, "love Shanghai" in every hour and moment reminder, but our thinking is that as "gossip" as the argument over brainwashing only. Love the sea will be content with the status of the chain is greatly improved without saying, but there are people who thought about why

chain is to provide an entrance as a channel through which you can let the spider into the site. Your site is like a world. The content is a scenery line. Your website and other factors like a hurdle, want to see the scenery must be through them. Every job in Shanghai dragon, every detail decides the spider can not see the scenery line (of course I is the premise of quality content). Please always remember.

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