Ming order website to modify the site right small Road King great leap

1, ZAC

website is to achieve this effect by what technology, I guess is a directory only on a page, but the page is the default page suffix index. or default. suffix. But I tested these suffixes are unable to find the page. Hope master can give an answer, if I know I will promptly to share here.

As for the

see what the problem?

3, Baowang

Hello, I am emperor order, a few days ago wrote an article about the details of the submission to the DMOZ directory website should pay attention to: "what the website submitted to the DMOZ small details decide whether through". Today to share a I usually observe a small website found some path when. The beginning did not care, and later found the child pages of the web site in the search engine’s weight is very high, I think this is not to mention the right of the search engine (know or have been found to float ~). Now can’t say this method is not able to bring to the site weight increase, it remains to be seen here and share with you. Specific rectification operation is not difficult, simply to make simple changes can make the website, the website weight is greatly improved.

what method? Here I give you 3 cases, the three sites on the Internet the weights are good, but they are also used in this method. After reading the above, you will understand!

we can through the article page modify directory form, make the page right in the search engine. How about the same two page weight, this ranking is better than the absolute directory page. Then you can look at the top 3 rankings, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, can see the ZAC blog ranking. Another station we can search for the next Nanchang, see the rankings in which weight 58 single page in the people in Shanghai love information is also can feel.

well, today wrote this, write down the copyright. Author: Ming sequence source: 贵族宝贝ncnvwa贵族宝贝 please keep this link, please cherish the fruits of labor of others

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I want to add one point is that the 3 URL is the absolute path of the directory is not. Now we all know! According to the analysis of the search engine, we know that the weight is higher than the page directory. The two official website using the search engine for the weight is higher than the directory page weight principle.

2, 58 city

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