A monthly income of 5000 yuan is how to complete the plan to make moneyLong tour Liu Liang from the

remember the first time to go to the old discipline giant network president Ji Xuefeng, "Journey 2" game producer talk about things, specially bought a brand new BMW, not yet on the brand, with a driver. Six months later, the car sold, because it has been familiar with the old discipline.

For the convenience of

at that time, please always eat the old Ji, because other people please do not move, take the old discipline signs. To participate in giant celebration dinner, not really like to participate in activities, but want to let the giants marketing colleagues see me with old discipline relationship iron, can in the advertising budget to swim for long time more support. Pre pioneering, many places are stained with the light of the old Ji, rely on him to help. Thank you very much for supporting me to treat me fairly when I was very young.

there was something that made me feel particularly miserable and tired before, but I had to keep doing it, that is, in order to gain the trust of others, I must hold the tyrant. When we are a small company, not with others on the strength of positive competition, can only cover the defect small company with some measure of the nouveau riche want others to ignore, their own small, willing to establish cooperative relations with you.

fourth step: release

and Liu Liang met for many years giant network president Ji Xuefeng, with three keywords describe Liu Liang: tyrant, game mad, sincere. And play jokes: " have been used by Liu Liang ". Ji Xuefeng says Liu Liang has something to do with Zhou Hongyi. All the energy, the new ideas, but not enough attention, the original thing is not finished, and do something new.

I copied the forums directly into the WORD document and built a file to manage – well, the beginning was to be prepared, not unprepared.

tyrant camouflage

then, I use 2 Nights >

according to the size of the site, plate and classification of the forum, a general category of picking a good popularity, and I released the contents of consistent Forum — to avoid because of their published content is not consistent with being deleted.


editor’s note: in March this year, the domestic A shares company issued a notice of love shares, to pay cash and issue shares in the form of capital alliances long tour hereinafter referred to as " swim long ". For this day, swim for a long time has maintained for eleven years. Liu Liang is a founder of a nouveau riche temperament of 80, and claiming to be a wilderness, his long tour company " playing the play listed ".

The beginning of an

another principle is: a website, as far as possible to select only 2-5 forums. It’s only websites like 163 or sina that I choose more. The second is the city where the hotline website forum, the popularity of super good, is my choice, I will choose a few of these websites, the forum to release.

          the simpler to do one thing, the easier it is to implement. The new owners only a typing, want every month there are 1000-5000 yuan of income, but also a very simple matter, the following is my research out of the "five simple steps to make money", let me easily reach the goal:

, I’m going to start releasing information.

after registration, I was once a day, and when I landed, choose "save password settings, save for a period of one year, as long as I do not reinstall the computer, I will as soon as you open the 200 sites, I is a direct landing, after landing the saving red a little careful machine, for more convenient.

, I just chose a slightly complicated name to register sngon29wn, the 9 digit, and then made a simple password 7 digits, 200 sites all registered the same name — after it is easy to manage, easy to remember and carry out the work.

second step: register

, I will be the 20-40 information form myself before this by written publicity articles stored in your computer., in short, advertising feel more light is better, light to let others feel that you are to provide good information, let us be grateful.

third step: pick

picked out 200 popular, global ranking forums.

site www.bjmskzy enclosure completed, the foundation also played well, I want to start publishing information – the most critical step.

worked as a policeman, served as a soldier, and made a grade two merit. After the rush to Shenzhen, done cleaning, issued leaflets, occasional chance to start a computer training teacher, wages rose from one thousand or two thousand yuan to more than 20 thousand. The real first pot of gold comes from a computer training school in Xi’an. After the game involved in the field, when the webmaster, did the "legendary", " assistant", but also done "Warcraft" RPG map. In 2012, long travel network and Zhou Hongyi Qihoo 360 joint venture, after a year and a half, and chose to go solo from the 360 system, concentrate on the game media and game publishers.

in fact, in the process of entrepreneurship, many hardships, only CEO know, can not tell employees. That’s the biggest burden CEO has in mind. All the crises are known only by themselves, and all of them see the long journey along the way, but they don’t know that the company has been on the edge of life and death for many times in the past eleven years, and today it is really nine

;     step 1: collect

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