PR update strange phenomenon 5 days open web site outside of the chain increased to 5 is He Yuanyin

Lantern Festival, Google still adhere to the China oriented features, the traditional festival in the China updated PageRank standard value ranking cornerstone of nobility baby, this is referred to as PR what was once a standard China grassroots webmaster website rating value is often gray, with Google in the China languished, and the so-called love Shanghai weight is increasingly popular, plus the PR value was coming out has been abolished and a few regular updates, we get a little lost interest in it, so the PR update or not is not that what is the value of the webmaster friends. However, because of the lack of love Shanghai official website rating criteria, and the chain sale market is still in PR as a web site link pricing reality, there are still many owners concerned about lifting site pr. Familiar with PR friends should know that the value is to give a web page rating according to the website access to the address of the external links, which is why some web pages of PR or even higher than that of the home page, the reason is that the page has a higher weight of the external links, but as Google is how to put the site external links were calculated PR, say, this article will not repeat them. A total of 0 PR from ten to 10 rating, 0 is the lowest, 10 is the highest, generally with the new domain name of the new station, PR is certainly 0 undoubtedly, some new PR is very high, this is because the domain name before the establishment of experience, that is to say the site is new but the domain name is old. A PR site can reach about 4, the general is already a good stand, but can only say that the site may have some good external links for Google, and can not prove how much traffic the.

general, a two level domain name website PR will be the main domain of membership, such as a domain name for PR 5, even the two level domain name PR below it for less than a month just on the line of the railway station, if the main domain name page link to the two level domain name chain then, just to catch up with PR updates that >

inherited the superior weight?

introduces something about PR, mainly to two points, the first new station PR is 0; second PR by Google chain decision, the chain is small even less PR value is 0. Well, now back to the title of this paper, based on the above introduction, a new chain just opened 5 days, 0 websites, PR soared to 5 should be impossible, but the fact is there. A new website for my two domain name, the domain name before the master PR is 0, after the Lantern Festival update PR to 2, and just 5 days before the opening of a two level domain name, love Shanghai’s anti chain only less than 10, or 0 included, Google also included only a few hundred. The chain of Google is 0, but the PR value even after the update to 5, have to say this is a strange phenomenon of PR update. I surprise, also not to consider, this happens because what exactly is it? The following, the author take a guess.

guess: domain name

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