Let Shanghai dragon optimize four details the effect of doubling the weapon

, a good manufacturing chain forwarding rate is high,

in addition to their outside chain layout in high weight forum, but also to be good at manufacturing chain forwarding rate is high, with the power of people, to help you continue to get by forwarding a new chain, the number of explosive, geometric growth. The high rate of reproduced when the number of original articles, articles, such as the controversial topic, for Submission on the front page of A5, issued a controversial text on the influence of the forum, at the same time. In the soft, cleverly integrated into the web site address, usually we can put the site as a case analysis of the text, so it can reduce the probability of being deleted by forwarding, guarantee the existence and quality of the chain. Therefore, a well prepared, can lead to a large number of forwarding the soft effect is far better than the general quality of the article ten.

let the chain explosionThe optimization process in the

the program to choose a mature program has the advantages of simple structure, less redundant code, to do search engine optimization, keywords are carefully selected and site related degree is high, and relatively easy to get good rankings, the content is to pay attention to high quality original article for the chain to emphasize quality, in the layout of the chain and more widely to highlight the quality, and the chain is easy to let the search engine spiders better grab web content. Do these in for a long time Shanghai dragon after optimization can usually be so clear in mind, only need to do is to uphold and implement! In addition to these, there are dragon in Shanghai among can let the optimization effect of doubling the skills, is that for some directly affects the effect of Shanghai dragon can better grasp the details, let us known as the four "details of weapon, let me yiyidaolai for you.

for the original content of the site, such as the original blog site, site information, regularly publish original articles for the Shanghai dragon optimization is of great significance, high quality articles are more likely to get the favour of search engine and get the weight of this article at the same time, because of its freshness but also easy to cause more.

site that, to increase the high quality the chain is always Shanghai dragon ER key consideration and study of the problem. Have a considerable number of high quality the chain for the rapid increase in the weight of the website, improve website content page has a very direct influence in the ranking of words, so in the optimization of the chain expansion is our test of Shanghai dragon ER strength is an important part of.

two, the original content combined with the promotion, let the optimization effect with

for many just contact Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, always feel that Shanghai dragon is so mysterious, feel the unfathomable knowledge, actually this kind of idea is a misunderstanding. We have Shanghai Longfeng dismantling of view, it is all elements on the website and link for targeted optimization, do not abandon the previous station purpose, arbitrary and habits, which involves the elements outside the program, website keywords, content, chain, chain and other details. Set.

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