Four Shanghai dragon master essential artifact

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as a qualified Shanghai dragon Er we not only know the chain update, more important is to summarize and analyze the content and data. To analyze the data on the site need tools to assist, today Xi’an Shanghai Longfeng for share four artifacts to Shanghai dragon Er strive for further improvement.

Iis log data as the Shanghai dragon can not see, but there are few webmaster IIS log analysis only know hard, not knowing the site within a problem has occurred. The IIS log can clearly see what directory spider crawling our website and return code, and server stability, we can’t keep 24 hours in front of the computer, but you can see through the IIS log server is stable.

two, love Shanghai statistics

four, Iis log

love Shanghai love Shanghai official statistics from the data are more accurate and more convincing, the main function of traffic statistics IP, PV, bounce rate, page retention time and other functions, and can be accessed through the entrance precise see that our users are our website where and which pages to access we were better in the station optimization work. One of the most awesome is the thermodynamic diagram and love sea index, and although the thermodynamic diagram can clearly see what parts of our users click on the page, but love is love Shanghai sea index data included the real, many webmaster found that included reducing panic was drop right, only to look at the sea of love an index of the amount of data is increased if you never mind.

three, Pagespeed

, a webmaster tools



webmaster tools we are not unfamiliar, but most people are using it query included, trans, weight, friends of the chain, in fact it has dead links, such as: many useful historical records query can see fluctuations recently included, super PING can view the server open speed, HTTP can check whether 301 state well, you can also query the chain we released is real and effective, such as the chain Tencent soso above is 302 so the return code is invalid. There are many functions not list.

Pagespeed this tool some owners may see some strange, this tool can know the literal meaning is mainly used to improve the speed of opening page, we know that the user experience is the page open speed no matter how good your website content website open in vain. Page speed of diagnosis of Shanghai also love now and almost pagespeed, but no pagespeed directly, the disadvantages of pagespeed is to use the Firefox browser.

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