Several methods to reduce the rate of jump out of the site

two, the improper selection of

is a website ranking no matter how good, how much traffic, but the bounce rate is too high, it is not a good or health website. Our business have this problem. Woodpeckers are trees "doctor", then we Shanghai dragon is the site of the "doctor", our website appeared "ill health" problems, so we must find out the reason to treat him an antidote against the disease, and let him grow up healthy, development. Today I will combine a medical website promotion I was recently to talk about the problem of jump out rate, perhaps by the medical station, there are Shanghai dragon is the site of the doctor’s metaphor.

whether the news site or e-commerce website promotion or other products, the bounce rate is too high is a fatal problem, we need to solve the problem, of course, to treat it to know must be an antidote against the disease, etiology, website bounce rate is high for several reasons, I respectively. To analyze and give advice.

so, when choosing some key words, must be careful investigation, selection of keywords, the effort on the word, but cannot bring effective customer, also increased the bounce rate is too uneconomical for their own web site.

three, the station of improper planning

did well to the number of ganji贵族宝贝, even the picture is less to the extreme, can not certainly not, must use will think of a way to try to do, even if people Wang Jianshuo open slow a few tenths will reduce the number of users.

this is needless to say, this is the most basic problem, if a site open speed super slow play are not open, the natural bounce rate is high, the user is in fast find the information they want, randomness, which is characteristic of Internet users, who will be a lot of time on you this waste? Anyway, many are related websites.

this is one of the most important reasons, the user through a search to your website and found what you want and your website is clearly irrelevant, that alone will turn off. The user experience is not good, especially for medical websites.

then reflect the role of long tail keywords, long tail keywords to the user through the high conversion rate is usually very low bounce rate users, so the website when there is a little weight, there are plans to become the promotion of some key words is very important.

users through the search keywords to your website, see the content and keywords is highly related to the user to stay for a long time, but.


, slow site

don’t think this problem we all know is the most simple, but I do not know how many sites are late for this loss, in order to save the few hundred dollars, resulting in huge losses. To find a stable space better service providers, even if your point is well worth.