How to maintain the keyword ranking

The maintenance of

is as simple as this article unless your site weight is high, otherwise do not easily express, because there is no benefit, if your site is not a picture or video station station also always published these super simple articles may let the spider slowly dislike your website, so the end result as can be imagined, drop right or K station.

often published some original text submitted to some well-known high weight site, such as our A5 is high weight webmaster website, of course write wenyiding is to give users see and want to help, this will make people interested in their website.

but everything should be a bad step back, not when the advent of the ranking drop down right or do Shanghai dragon will be at a loss what to do, to think how far to far, do not know how to love Shanghai search, I believe that many owners have had the website ranking decline, there are many reasons for this kind of situation, for example love Shanghai update, the chain algorithm is deleted, the quality is not enough and so on, you need to restore slipped some of their original or exchange some high weight outside the chain, the chain of course don’t own more than 30, or be considered as cheating punished.

2: adhere to the high quality of the original

Why did

‘s original words is no limit, but the best words better, to stay above three hundred, so as to make their own original articles of value, it’s like you published an article called: "how Shanghai dragon", the content of it is simply "original + the chain".

keywords ranking need to do the following:

Many people may

is now a lot of net profit.

1: the chain must be stable

say the chain need stability? Because of the chain is not stable as some outside the chain does not allow you to the forum, published outside the chain of hidden, resulting in the post was deleted after a period of time, the spider climb to the page that does not exist, so the chain does not exist the post, no matter how high quality will disappear, so the chain to " the stability of " in order to maintain their rankings.

every day to check their friends of the chain, to see what the site is down right or K stand, or who put your site Links to delete, if only you can put down the right chain into the inside pages, of course, if your website weight of ultra low energy try to delete to delete, and then contact the station let him solve the problem after you exchange chain.

keywords ranking good, such as the first, this time a lot of people will have a doubt "key words will not fall?" this question is very normal, because most of the webmaster friends are very attached to their regular web site optimization, because the site is a benefit, such as some of the long tail Taobao keyword off. For all of us better ranking earn more, keywords will reduce their profits decline.