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with Taobao search rules changing, many people have said that under the frame of time in the search rankings have basically no effect, this argument is completely wrong, the shelf time is still a very important influence factors of Taobao search ranking search ranking! Position depends on the value and popularity of baby shelves time, but between the two factors and how we affect each other? In practice and how to grasp the relationship between the two? We use examples to analyze. Look at a time from the shelf there are more than 1 days baby search rankings, because off the shelf time and for a long time, most people think it should be on the ranking of what actually is


more than two examples is not difficult to see, Taobao search ranking is not strictly in accordance with the upper and lower frame before and after the time to sort, but on the shelf time its role should not be overlooked, who has now become the first factor ranking, popularity high value of the baby, even from the shelf time is very long, as you can get good rankings, like the first baby, off the shelf time there are more than 1 days have been ranked in the home, can at least stay more than 42 hours, this show and exposure is very impressive, and is completely free, and the resulting flow is even more needless to say! Although only second baby 2 minutes on the shelf, but because the popularity is low, so even immediately off the shelf, still can not get good rankings! This phenomenon now everyone is very confused, meet the eye everywhere, so just Someone will say on the shelf time is not important, but they ignore or do not know such a reality, popular value decision is baby ranking about the location on the shelf time is going to let the baby’s motive, is to determine the baby engine a specific location refresh time in the rankings of the decisive factors in the search, even if a baby’s popularity value high, he will not suddenly be ranked in the home, but the first row in a position of a page as a starting position, if shrinking does not depend on the shelf time, the baby also ranked will not have any progress, but can only move or retreat! In other words, is in a search engine with the refresh cycle, the popularity of the value of the same circumstances, who under the frame of short time, who is ranked as the search! The engine continues to refresh and re calculation, compared the shelf time and popularity value, then the rankings will change, so that the shelf time and popular value influence each other, complement each other, who also cannot do without who! Only very in-depth understanding of these two concepts, and a good grasp of ranking, baby will listen to your command! Only mastered the content, Taobao search ranking will be you! This is for Taobao and Taobao ranked Shanghai dragon optimization plays a very important role! If you are interested in the content, can be Taobao search ranking optimization ">

look at the rankings from another shelf for a short period of time is precious, because it will be off the shelf, so we basically will think it should be ranked very near the top of