The core factor of website to get good rankings

user needs? A5 Summary:

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often said that the website ranking method, increase the chain, website structure, content updated regularly… In fact, these are not the focus, the focus is whether your website information to meet the needs of the searcher, the role of search engine is the most to meet the needs of users "show users search; for many in Shanghai Longfeng staff, every day a big part is the hair of the chain, here to explain the chain is actually equivalent to a vote, the A website has a B website link, which shows the A website to vote for the B website, but most of them are now sending your chain, ask yourself, vote this way will be recognized? So if the chain can send 99% it is no use here, by the way also is well explained that the chain of hundreds of thousands, but no website.


in the "national marketing", who have a website to get good rankings from the search engines, but the search engine page 10 shows that the natural position, how to row in the search engine home page

note: the website of the hardware is very important, the purchase of space or the host must find a stable service provider, to buy the domain name ten recommended site in IDC industry before the purchase, because the domain name is related to a DNS analysis, analytic server stability this small company is really hard to say, because before I encountered a problem with the server and DNS lead to a drop in the examples, I hope you learn a lesson, try to make the site open to within 3 seconds, don’t let users wait too long, otherwise the user will be impatient directly off.


to meet the needs of users, ranking sooner or later, and is stable in the

search engine algorithm cannot change its core algorithm will not change, that is "user experience", I is the prerequisite to meet the needs of users of the hard to meet the needs of users of the soft definition of user experience; rigid demand: for example, a user searches after entering your website egg price "can be a very good understanding of the needs of today’s soft egg price: in the user understand the egg price after think users will want to see what, this time will be displayed to the user.

search engine is just a tool, it can do is to help users find the content they need, so it can do is to meet the user’s search intention, so that in the study of website ranking before you ask yourself, when the user through the "Keywords" into my website, enter the site can not meet through this word