Analysis of four common misunderstanding of Shanghai Dragon (three)

I introduce the Four Misunderstandings in Shanghai Longfeng common for

error two, will be handed over to the Shanghai dragon network company to complete

software is a typical mass cheating, its function is through the use of program >

the first two chapters, the specific address is: 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20121020/466664.shtml, now and then we introduce the other four intermittent errors.

loves Shanghai and Google are two different search engines, their algorithms are different, the algorithm based Google PR value algorithm, and the love of Shanghai is the core algorithm of hypertext chain analysis principle. Understand this, we will not be the same in Shanghai and Google keywords ranking far wonder. My site is in love, Shanghai led search advertising car I ranked second, and led in Google search advertising car I ranked 32, far. Of course, love Shanghai and Google is not to say that no similarities, they have the intersection, for example we love Shanghai site is down the right we have to analyze the reasons, if we exclude the reason many factors still can not find the right down, so we can look at our website in Google ranking, if Google is for us site drop right, it is very likely that because our web server and other factors. General search engine Google leading the global trend, Google launched a general algorithm, love Shanghai will soon follow, so we love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, could also be concerned about the related dynamic Google Shanghai dragon.

is a misunderstanding, ranking and love Shanghai and Google compared to

on the orders of the Shanghai dragon company usually assures us to put a keyword ranking in the number place, in fact, frankly, no one can guarantee this point. Because they often do not see the site boasted, this is completely Huyou people. Site to get the premise of good keywords ranking is the content of the website is to meet the needs of users, which included many factors and the work station optimization, the premise is located on the website of the industry is very understanding, in order to make to meet the user’s content, only to meet the users, in order to obtain better keyword ranking. Now the company is Shanghai dragon and then many list, and their human resources is limited, they may not spend a lot of time to do the analysis of user needs on a web site, and the normal white hat Shanghai dragon to target keywords optimization up takes time, and can not see the effect in the short term. So in order to save labor costs, the company orders only one way: black hat Shanghai dragon. They can cheat through the chain group, click on the software technique. So they can a person in charge of multiple sites. So in our website optimization of outsourcing to the company, it must be considered, otherwise it is easy to be deceived by these people.

error three, mass software can improve the ranking of