A5 marketing nirvana, ten times the promotion is no longer difficult to flow

partition on the primary and secondary relations? If deployed properly, traffic landing point deployment is not enough



love Shanghai Webmaster Platform saw a post: "I do not go, go!" why? Not half of website home page ranking, no road traffic! In the construction site, how many people hope to have many people frustrated and go, because the cake is so big, someone will be pushed down

A5 in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis customers, although some sites do, but do not have traffic flow problems, landing a large part of the reason for which is the site of the.

what kind of website framework for Shanghai Longfeng treatment? We can understand: intuitive clear and natural, the user can step in and function satisfy the conditions as much as possible to the page layout is simple, not perplexing.

when the user clicks the "buy", there is a "shopping cart" settlement page, then click on the settlement immediately after appear as "ICBC, Alipay" payment page, this is the best. But some sites will continue to come out? "Harvest address confirmation", ""

The word "brand

this standard is the search engine, search engine with internal standard, was raised, if not to play by the rules, will be thrown out of the team today! This article we do not speak of specific technology, only to share some practical experience, if you really understand, believe that some site traffic increased by ten

times are not a problem!

in central air conditioning, the United States and the GREE central air-conditioning, central air conditioning, Hitachi central air-conditioning" that is need to be put in the column to do. The following can be divided as "beautiful home central air conditioning", "beauty of the commercial central air conditioning", finally is "product page", more effective landing point, then the traffic will be more

when you do, be sure to need to analysis the industry has much traffic, these flows are concentrated in what aspects need to accomplish several columns. There is always some website, will be deployed to the core flow in the column, or column will keywords on the home page, this way is wrong landing.

! Some web sites such as

two: pages within the framework of


for any web site, the page framework and the site within the chain is the most important part in our Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis site, most problems of the site, are also in the frame of chain structure.

!Whether the site traffic landing point your

: traffic landing point

flow word division, should pay attention to minor differences, such as we do is a focus on "central air conditioning" website, so core page optimization is "air conditioning" can be extended to a landing point and the "household central air conditioning, commercial central air conditioning, central air conditioning price" such words.