High quality web friends of the chain and chain operation method

3. guide the spider crawling the web.

Whether to punish

exchange Links ideal is self-sufficient, of course most owners are not realized, the second is rely on human resources, rely on the connections that can easily get one of the high quality of the chain, of course, for beginners, is difficult to implement, finally is to find their own Internet resource exchange, instant start hard that is a good method of skill.

3.When the

Website Optimization Website early, generally are in no one access state, and therefore can not get the attention of the search engine spiders, there are very few to crawl the site, so the site outside the chain of a chain and then you can play a certain role in optimization. Today small Sheng Qi Shanghai dragon to share with you.

The Dongguan

1. site transport flow.


6. choose the hair of the chain platform



the presence of illegal information website, and if the exchange Links or link to your site to, very easy to cause the attention of the search engine, light punishment site, while direct K station.

?The correlation between

exchange Links is one of the most notable aspect, if the other party is in a state of punishment website website, your website is very easy to be involved.

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4. high quality friend chain

How to exchange links with

is mainly used in the website, friends of the chain and the chain of the post site effect will be less and less, it is only by changing Links and the hair of the chain is unable to enhance the ranking website optimization.

refers to either Links or outside the chain platform website, the correlation is very important, which not only determines the precise degree of site traffic, but also the search engine on the web to score one of the most important standard for evaluation. For example, Shanghai dragon Links blog exchange is to find the best in other parts of the Shanghai dragon blog exchange.

the question is, if we should operate the web site of high quality friendship and how to send the chain? What is the specific method of

2. increase website weight.

first the other party must be a healthy website, for example, included, rankings, and then how to weight the other site, whether to help their website, if the performance is very good, your site to help can be regarded as high quality.

The optimization of these effects of

first we need to understand why our website optimization, the hair of the chain, what role? Xiaobian think mainly in the following three boost.

1.The correlation between