The Cookie value of another website data analysis

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then the permanent Cookie can be used as the only browser to identify visitors. And it is probably the best way to tracking independent visitors, after all, only delete Cookie or reinstall the browser and other similar operations can be eliminated. Here it is necessary to emphasize the point that the permanent Cookie will not have any personal identity information data, it is just a random numbers or letters, only set the Cookie server before you can read.

site for site activities and conversion rate plays an important role! So if the site analysis problems, then I think the boss who would on your activities or put into question, so we need to understand each numerical website analysis clearly, and develop the corresponding strategies to deal with.

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Cookie includes: Cookie Cookie two temporary and permanent situations, when you visit the website, website analysis system for temporary and permanent Cookie Cookie, is usually called the session (Session) and user Cookie.

data analysis will be Cookie, sampling, numerical analysis, historical accuracy and other aspects, the value of about Cookie, I think this as a marketing staff, there will be a lot of tangled. Because everyone can visit the web site through Cookie tracking, this is precisely the important data we track! But the actual situation really to complete tracking user behavior, it is very difficult.

this action will start in the visitors visiting records, leave it over. The permanent Cookie in the first visitors visit the site when produced, and then will be kept for a period of time, this time can be set by the website (usually for 18 months, there are also other tools can be extended.

today say cookie value in the promotion of the role for the analysis of the site, I would like the website marketing activities play a very important part of. Because the obtained data will directly reflect the quality of site activities, and will serve to guide the direction of improvement and marketing activities. A website used to adjust the direction.

Cookie is a small text file, which contains only the anonymous identifier, used to define the users to access the site.

Cookie is the temporary recording session user access time, user generated a series of clicks on the website, until the last to leave, they all belong to the session. It can record all click events, at the same time grouping (website shopping cart without landing, use this function) and taobao贵族宝贝 used cookie to record the user had viewed the goods.


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