Talking about the influence of another index web site keywords ranking

web site keywords ranking optimization, will have such a feeling, a good website ranking will bring huge traffic to the site, at the same time powerful web traffic on our web site keywords ranking plays a promoting role. The recent love Shanghai adjusted to improve the algorithm, users reflect attention, user can understand that reflected from a surface, is to improve the site traffic can also be reflected in the promotion of user. The love of Shanghai adjustment algorithm, pay more attention to the impact on the flow of website ranking.

In fact, when we take on the !

in many webmaster website or some Shanghai dragon forum, rarely mentioned website traffic will affect the size of the site’s ranking. Just in this adjustment, the personal experience of some of their own experience. Watch traffic on the other hand, can also be said to be the site of the site to improve, love by the users in a certain extent. Even if the site traffic is not much, not to speak of what more keywords ranking. So for a corporate website, or website, website traffic has been in love with the sea in the ranking index.

I have a registered domain name, he had done the game website, this website has done a lot of work in the office website promotion stationmaster, love Shanghai is the site of the chain will have 230 thousand of the data, the website chain is also very high popularity, every day there are dozens of independent from IP this station before the promotion work. This site is now our company revised the website construction site, now do Foshan website construction, website construction company Foshan two key words, these two words have already been ranked to love Shanghai home, what impressed me most is the site traffic will affect the site keyword ranking.

recently love Shanghai and adjusted the algorithm, estimates that many webmaster have the same feeling. On the night of love Shanghai is in accordance with the previous practice of updating, in this update, I found a webmasters may ignore love Shanghai ranked impact indicators – site traffic, the index had the webmaster said, but recently seems to affect the keywords ranking ratio rose. Here is some personal views on this website traffic index:

here I want to explain, although the website traffic has relation to the website ranking, but we can not desperately to brush flow, website keywords ranking obtained by this means. We need to understand that although the traffic influence website ranking, but for a website optimization, website structure, website quality, website code is also very important. If your web traffic is high, the ranking of the site there will be a great help. Author: www.keruilaizd贵族宝贝 Ke Ruilai original copyright,

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