Discussion the station optimization within the chain (a)

how to let a spider crawling smoothly within the site chain



site map, I believe we are very familiar with, it is important to the website all pages focus on a page, can let love Shanghai through this page, each page clearly crawl the web, the number provides a guarantee to increase the website included. The site map, you can submit to the search engine, or the site map link is placed in the bottom of the website, convenient search engines crawl.


wrote of the friend, to stand inside the anchor text link must not strange, because the article are extended on many occasions, so give the extension of the keyword link. The 1 is to vote for the page; 2 is to let the users browse content, enhance the user experience.

, fourth station anchor text link

in website optimization, we need to understand many aspects of information, such as the chain, chain, chain, Links, station layout, breadcrumb navigation etc.. Because the love Shanghai algorithm constantly changing, the chain also becomes more and more important, so how to do the chain

text navigation

site map

many sites in pursuit of beauty, will use FLASH, pictures and JS, this approach to search engine, very friendly, can not transfer the weight, why? Because the search engine not recognize FLASH, pictures and JS content, since it is impossible to identify, naturally can not be normal weight transfer.

site navigation is not too much, usually three, users can quickly browse to the content they want, more than 3 hits, did not enter the content page, friendly degree decreased at the same time, the bounce rate naturally produced. The search engine on the user experience, for the natural breadcrumb navigation level is of considerable concern, people with convenient, convenient for

second, breadcrumb navigation

website optimization, not only the optimization of the home page, long tail keywords flow can not be ignored, a lot of Daniel within the chain to do good, long tail.


: refers to the chain links between web pages between the reasonable inside chain, can guide the spider crawling smoothly, willing to let the spider in your site, stay longer, it is helpful for the overall number of website. Therefore, in the process of the chain in the station layout, to ensure unobstructed in spider crawling website, and can not form a dead link to the site, affect the number of total included. Good site within the chain can promote the website ranking in the search engine principle, namely link proxy, external links are voting between sites within the chain, is on behalf of the internal mutual voting page. A large number of internal links to vote, can make the search engine to identify the importance of these pages, so as to enhance the competitiveness ranking, make the page to get good rankings.

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