How to judge the validity of the web site keywords ranking


user, I was doing well, or do the chain? How much do every day, how many good outside chain, when every time you hear this vine design topic always feel a bit sad, because we have to go farther and farther, farther tired. Because of the wrong direction, so we will never walk to the end, to achieve their goals. No matter any words we do, we have to analyze this keyword is a valid (traffic and conversion), if you choose the word is not to bring customers to search the word, then we do is invalid keyword, so in this industry, we are in fact very much when there is invalid keyword. Is these words he has flow, but he can not is my client to search, that is to say, my clients will be impossible to search this word, then this is another kind of demand. Although the words flow, but he is an invalid word.

here we share is not to teach you how to step by step optimization, but what should we do in the optimization of the ranking of a website operation, what to do first, what to do, what is the order. Now if the vine designed to give you a word, you see this term should be considered in this 3 months, how should the word do up, we will analysis how to design today? Rattan example "Hefei" of the word, so we should look at the word how to operate, what is the idea of optimization? First we cannot rely on guess, not without a strategy, we should have an idea of forming in the heart.

when we search the translation company, we will find it: translation company, which translation company charges, hiring part-time, translation, quotation, translation company recruitment, angel company, then we see what is the effective keywords, which is invalid? Obviously, here is the most effective only the word "translation fees, translation company charges quotation", which means the customer only care about is the translation of the price, then the customer care which company is good, it means that customers want to find the best company. The second is the translation company in Ningbo, Qingdao, Guangzhou, angel, but this kind of search is the customer has a strong regional search needs, if I was a new company, I must first do Shanghai translation company, Shanghai translation, Shanghai translation company preferred brand, provide the lowest standard of translation, so I ask such a set if there is a way to seize the user’s search.


for another term, such as the current I was engaged in the translation, then search "translation", the translation software, translation, translation, translation of online recruitment of part-time, although these are the needs of users, but we do not need his absolute translation grasp customer needs, then these words of our word is invalid. But it is effective for some words, such as: the translation of English translation, Japanese translation, price, we look at these words is our customer need keywords.

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