A5 marketing how to change the domain name and the program without the right down

?The author suggests that

A5 marketing here for customers to solve the many such problems, you need to pay attention to what matters? 1 can do a 301 redirect to do 301 redirection. Second: can not do 301 redirection, do not delete. Third: it is very important to a new and old site data, as far as possible "

is: 2 years at most a replacement, and to improve the website submitted, of course, the two refers to the change of the domain name, rather than change the program Oh! Change program, the program is not really as long as the old industry was eliminated, or serious can not meet the current demand. We do not recommend modifications.

domain name

many webmaster love to buy some old domain name registered for a long time to build, but there are also many people who eat a dark loss such as the purchase of new domain names are done by the illegal information search engine blacklist. Thus, if the domain name is changed to the new domain name, is certainly dead. So, before the owners to buy the domain name, attention must be paid to the query, query method can be input in Shanghai: "love the WWW. domain name" and "top-level domain" to query, Chinese characters replaced your domain name.

Relatively speaking,

three: URL path and website

two: the new program has no BUG

program, A5 marketing to see too much "junk" program, function in the optimization is gorgeous but extremely bad. We usually recommend is: do not choose what procedures, it is recommended to do more popular programs to choose from, don’t say the universal program will affect the optimization, root pressure is no such thing, at the same time, not all websites need independent development. Revealed a little secret, perhaps you tens of thousands of dollars to buy the program as a "free" program really make the website better.

website long time webmaster all know, change the domain name and the program is in the whole of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the most taboo things. But with the innovation of technology, or other reasons, can not always avoid to do these operations. How to change the domain name, or change procedures, without causing the site to drop right? A5 today made the following public marketing answer:

, domain name modification is the most simple, do not worry about path problem, just change a domain name. After doing revision submitted, the basic not what big problem. But the program revision, but will face a path to change, such as the ASP program into PHP program.

: how long do a website for modification of

recently had a A5 in the diagnosis of marketing Shanghai Longfeng customers, it is people Speechless domain: 3 months to replace the 3. I want to say is: the frequent replacement of the domain name, not to mention the right down, even if the weight transfer, each time 100% is not passed to the new domain name there. Besides, in the process of replacement, if luck back a bit, it will lead to drop right. So how long do modify the website

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